2K Games is a video game developer whose games run on several different platforms, such as the PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox consoles. They are responsible for creating some of the world's greatest games ever released, such as the BioShock series and the Borderlands series. Read more about them here.


Top 2K Games Price List 2020

Top 10 products Price Store
Take-Two Interactive NBA 2K17 HK$ 464.93 Gamers Gate
2K Army Men II HK$ 47.44 Green Man Gaming
2K X-COM: UFO Defense HK$ 30.24 Green Man Gaming
2K Hidden & Dangerous: Action Pack HK$ 47.44 Green Man Gaming
2K Army Men RTS HK$ 47.44 Green Man Gaming
2K Sid Meier’s Civilization® V: Civilization & Scenario Pack - Korea HK$ 30.24 Green Man Gaming
2K Sid Meier’s Civilization® V: Scrambled Nations HK$ 37.32 Green Man Gaming
2K Army Men HK$ 47.44 Green Man Gaming
2K Sid Meier's Pirates! HK$ 60.59 Green Man Gaming
2K WWE 2K18 - Kurt Angle Pack HK$ 40.36 Green Man Gaming
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2K Games Hong Kong

Games, Done Right

We are pretty much living on the pinnacle of modern technology. Every piece of technology, be it hardware or software, is so advanced that we would never have dreamt of it back in the good olden days. Even with games.Games in the beginning were all very simple 2D platform-type of games.

Heck, everyone remembers one of the earliest and most iconic video games: Pong. For those who do not know, Pong was a simple game of electronic ping pong where two vertical bars on either side of the screen would bounce a little ball back and forth.

Video games today are on an entirely different level, making a lot of features that wereunimaginable during the times of Pong possible.. Immersive graphics, realistic sounds and physics, a mind-blowing story, and excellent game play – these are but a few of the expected features and aspects that a modem day video game should have. And there are very few game developers out there that are able to put all of those expected features into a great award-winning game. One such developer is 2K Games.

About 2K Games

2K Games is an America game developer, marketer, distributor, and publisher. They produce and publish a wide variety of different genres of games for both the PCas well as video game consoles.It was founded on the 25thof January 2005 in Novato California, after its parent company Take-Two acquired the developer Visual Concepts and its wholly owned subsidiary Kush Games from Sega. The developer got its name "2K Games" from their famous lineup of 2K Series sports games, such as the NBA 2K series.

Their parent company, Take-Two Interactive Software, also owns Rockstar Games, another famous game developer that produced the legendaryGTA (Grand Theft Auto) series of video games. Take-Two was founded in 1993 by Ryan Brant andcurrently has their headquarters located in New York City.

Great Games from 2K GamesHong Kong

Take-Two and 2K Games are very well known for publishing a lot of excellent games. Their games have won many awards and all of them typically feature the perfect combination of gameplay, visuals, music, and fantastic storylines. From the legendary GTA series to the mind-blowing BioShock series, 2K Games' works have never failed its audience.


BioShock is a series of first-person shooter games that was developed by Irrational Games (actually 2K Boston, but they retained the name Irrational to maintain the legacy of that name), and written by Ken Levine. The first in the series of games,BioShock,was released for the Windows PC operating system and Xbox 360 in 2007. The sequel, Bioshock 2, was released in 2010, and then the third game, BioShock Infinite, in 2013. The entire series has sold a total of over 25 million game copies.

The first game, BioShock, takes place in 1960 in the fictional underwater city of Rapture that was built by business tycoon Andrew Ryan. However, war would breakout in Rapture between the different classes in society. The gamer takes control of Jack, a man who stumbles upon Rapture after a plane crash. BioShock 2 is a direct sequel, and takes place both 10 years before and 8 years after the first game, expanding upoon the original story.

The Third game, BioShock Infinite takes place in Columbia, a city in the skies. The city was created by the American Government but would later be disavowed by them, making the city independent. However, a civil war would soon breakout in the city between two civilian factions. The gamer controls Booker, a man who is sent to Columbia to save a girl.

Borderlands series

The Borderlands series of games are action role-playing first-person shooters in a science fiction slash space western sort of setting. There has been only three games released so far under the Borderlands series: Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!. The Borderlands series of games also feature a slightly free roam open-world type of gameplay with a loot-driven multiplayer co-operative mode (co-op). Over 26 million copies of Borderlands games have been sold thus far.

The Borderlands games, like BioShock, has received critical acclaim and awards due to its game play and multiplayer co-operative features, as well as its sense of humour. The game mainly revolves around the players playing as Vault Hunters that travel around the fictional planet of Pandora to look for the legendary Vault. The free roam nature of the game allows players to explore to their desires as well as partake in a variety of side quests. A main feature of the Borderlands games is their loot system which randomly generates weapons in a variety of stats for the players to use.

If you are looking to play some great video games, you should definitely consider most of the tiles from 2K Games, and also its parent company, Take-Two Interactive. The games are all made well and have the perfect combination of everything that makes it perfect.