2XU offers some of the best compression gear in the game, improving speed and recovery. Their gears have targeted areas meant to reduce muscle fatigue. If you’re on the lookout for compression gears, read on to find out more about 2XU.

Can 2XU be used for swimming? | What are the best 2XU tights for running? | How do you pronounce 2XU?


3 Ways Wearing 2XU HK Compression Gears Can Benefit Your Health

You might be wondering what compression gears are used for, and if they really work. Compression gears are becoming much more popular among athletes of all levels, and you might be surprised to find out that you can reap serious benefits by wearing compression gears during your workouts. Here’s how 2XU’s compression gear can help you:

Reduced Muscle Fatigue

Wearing 2XU compression leggings or shorts during workouts, help improve athletic performance by reducing fatigue. It helps reduce soreness and fatigue during and after workouts, resulting in better, faster, and longer runs without feeling quite as tired when you wear 2XU compression garments.

Strain Prevention

Compression gears help reduce your risk for strains, and even aids in strain recovery. So if you’re prone to this type of sports-related injury, 2XU compression gears may be right up your alley. Their compression tights can also reduce the risk of cramping as they stimulate blood flow and support the flow of lactic acid. As a result, this helps to prevent injuries and relieves post-workout aches.

Improved Perceived Exertion

When you’re training for extreme sports or endurance races, it’s beneficial to have lower perceived exertion (a more effortless workout). Doing so can make your training sessions more bearable. Compression gears like tights, shorts, and 2XU compression socks improved perceived exertion in endurance runners.

Frequently Asked Questions about 2XU Hong Kong (2XU)

Can 2XU be used for swimming?

Yes, you can wear your 2XU compression garment during swimming and other water activities, however, keep in mind that chlorinated water will break down the elastane in the garment. After wearing in chlorinated water, immediately rinse the garment in fresh, clean water to lessen the process. It is also recommended that you do this after wearing your garments in saltwater.

What are the best 2XU tights for running?

The 2XU MCS Run Compression Tight is the best for running and has been developed with a detailed understanding of the impact that running has on the leg. It provides anatomically mapped muscle support for greater performance and recovery.

How do you pronounce 2XU?

2XU is pronounced Two Times You, symbolising the multiplication of human performance in sports. The brand was launched when former professional triathlete Jamie Hunt turned his passion for sport into an obsession with performance fabrics.

Where is 2XU manufactured?

All authentic 2XU products are made in Thailand, whereas fake 2XU products are generally made in China.

Where to buy 2XU products in Hong Kong?

2XU sportswear including the Compression Long Sleeve Top, compression shorts for men, elite core compression top, compression long sleeve top, base compression tank, and others are available on various online retailers such as Zalora, FARFETCH, Mr. Porter, Yoox, and ASOS.

About 2XU Hong Kong

As an Australian/New Zealand multinational corporation that was founded, 2XU engages in the design, development and sales of sporting apparel including compression garments, triathlon, cycle, running, open water swimming, and general fitness wear.