If you are looking for perfumes that evokes all senses, harnessed from the Mediterranean valley and Venetian gardens, then Acca Kappa Hong Kong is just the brand for you. Find out more here.


Acca Kappa Hong Kong – A brand that portrays the power of nature perfectly

If you prefer a company with strong familial roots and values, Acca Kappa is exactly what you’re looking for. The story of Acca Kappa begins in 1869, in the heart of the city of Treviso, Italy. An old factory housed this company, where they began to create their simple yet effective products. This family company remains true to timeless values, and is beyond committed to bringing you the highest quality fragrances, professional brushes, and body care products.

Acca Kappa – Where tradition meets innovation

It all started when a young Italian merchant named Hermann Krull established the ‘H. Krull & Co’ brush factory in the heart of Treviso, Italy, just north of Venice. Today after 140 years, the descendants of H. Krull operate the family business under the historic Acca Kappa trademark from the original site in Treviso and continue to combine traditional quality with new product innovations.

Acca Kappa is an industry world leader thanks to the quality of its fragrances, bath & body products, hand-crafted brushes, men’s essentials and beautiful gifts. Indeed it is renowned as a flourishing Italian brand that is universally recognised as a byword for luxury and reliability. Acca Kappa’s products are born of a unique workmanship that reflects the taste, culture and excellence underlying a ‘Made in Italy’ label.

Acca Kappa is proud to bring their customers the highest quality products from a company who built itself on family values and Italian barbershop traditions. If you want to use grooming products your grandfather would be proud of, Acca Kappa is what you need.

Acca Kappa Hong Kong – Master of healthy, shining hair

If you want to achieve that beautiful glowing, hair that moves gracefully with the wind and is also as healthy as a horse, then you must know that it is not only achievable by using a good shampoo but also by brushing often with an excellent brush. Acca Kappa’s range of quality brushes and combs are the results of 143 years of design experience and has never disappointed anyone in this long period of time.

All of their wooden brushes and combs are carefully hand finished and made of Beechwood. This wood is long known for its natural anti-static properties, and the Beechwood that is used in Acca Kappa brushes and combs are from 100% reforested trees.

At Acca Kappa, they apply the concept of ‘soft technology’, a concept that favours the use of organic materials and natural fibres which in turn allowed then to develop an innovative line of brushes and combs that are made from biodegradable cellulose acetate, a material derived from Cotton. The decomposition rate can be compared to that of an Oak Leaf.

The brand’s Professional Collection is a complete line of hair brushes and combs, exclusively made in Italy, designed to meet the needs of professional stylists. Their selection of quality materials, attention to detail and on-going research in collaboration with the world’s top hairdressing salons are the benchmark of their business philosophy.

Acca Kappa – Showering with the best sweet-smelling nature

Acca Kappa has developed a series of luxurious body care products based on an advanced research using rich botanical oils, extracts and vitamins to nurture and protect your skin naturally.

  • White Moss – the pure and delicate notes evoked from Acca Kappa White Moss are derived from two Mediterranean plants; Lavender, with its marvellous blossom and delicate perfume, known since ancient times for its relaxing and soothing qualities; and Juniper with its fragrant wood and balsamic berries.
  • Green Mandarin – This fragrance surrounds the body with the freshness of Mediterranean citrus fruits. Sunlight is expressed in the harmony of the precious citrus essences, which refreshes the skin and revitalizes the spirit.
  • Calycanthus – In the depths of Winter, the Calycanthus blossoms while all the other flower withers away. Its demure and delicate blooms brave the winter cold with their pale gold carolla streaked with purple. Its intense and seductive notes are the first of bring fragrance to gardens of Italy, still sleeping under the mantle of snow.
  • Virginia Rose – bit by bit, a tender bud slowly displays its crown of delicate petals, subtly revealing the ancient fragrance of rose to the senses. And the Queen of the garden blossoms in all its vibrant intensity, the symbol of beauty, seduction and enhancement. In Virginia Rose, Acca Kappa seals the fragrance of its notes as delicate as a caress, skilfully combining an exquisitely feminine fragrance, dedicating it to the secret heart of every woman.

Acca Kappa Hong Kong – Scents that evoke all senses

Inspired by marvellous blossoms, fragrant woods and the delicate of plants and berries found in the Mediterranean valley and Venetian gardens, Acca Kappa has created a unique collection of fragrances for both the gents and the ladies. Here are our top favourite.

  • Tilia Cordata
  • White Moss Unisex
  • Virginia Rose for Women
  • Wisteria Cologne for Women
  • Cedro Cologne for Men
  • 1868 Cologne for Men
  • Vaniglia Fior Di Madorlo for Women

With this list, we hope you will be able to enjoy Acca Kappa as much as we do. Get all your Acca Kappa scents and more exclusively on iprice.