Action sports are not for everyone. But if you fancy a life of thrills and fast-paced action, then you’ve come to the right place. Get all your action sports gear in Hong Kong right here on iprice. Find out more with below.


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Peppa Pig : George's Racing Car by HK$ 82.51 Book Depository
PUKY Bicycle Basket GKZ HK$ 113.16 kids-room
ROMWE Yoga Pedal Pull Rope Tensioner HK$ 26.74 Romwe
ROMWE Yoga Pedal Pull Rope Tensioner HK$ 61.62 Romwe
Bicycle Rentals in Rome HK$ 88.59 Viator
Kay Dee Designs Bicycle Floral Towel Calendar HK$ 108.43 Calendars
PUKY Kids Bike Helmet PH 8 HK$ 348.45 kids-room
PUKY Kids Bike Helmet PH 8 HK$ 348.45 kids-room
PUKY Kids Bike Helmet PH 8 HK$ 348.45 kids-room
PUKY Kids’ Bike Helmet PH1 HK$ 348.45 kids-room
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Peppa Pig : George's Racing Car by

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Action Sports gear in Hong Kong

An exciting life in Hong Kong starts with action sports. With hundreds of benefits, action sports bring you to the pinnacle of fitness and sharpness of mind. From stunt sports equipment such as BMX bikes, rollerblades and skateboards, you will find your hidden talents brought out with practice. Unlike other sports, action sports requires dedication, quick reflexes and spirit of perseverance. Start with getting the best in action sports equipment in Hong Kong here on iprice. Find out more with the links below.

BMX bikes for those who thrive on action

These days, fixies are made more for those who reminisce the past. For those hipsters who love to be cool before it was cool. But BMX bikes are for a different breed of elite cyclist – the ones who take cycling to the limit. Taking extreme lengths of cycling, the BMX is able to endure stress and pressure of fast-paced airtime when shooting over ramps and ledges.

One of the best aspects of owning a BMX bike is the ability to customize your machine to suit your style. Some like a bit more resistance in the pedals while others prefer smooth gears to get their legs springing into action. Customize gears with the best selection in Hong Kong right here.

Roller blades make you cool!

Evolved from roller skates, roller blades were the coolest things to have in the 90s. Every kid wanted a pair of roller blades. Coming in all colours, patterns and themes, roller blades made exercise cool. Smoother than roller skates, roller blades allow you to glide across surfaces such as tarmac, concrete and tiles. Some shopping malls also allow use of roller blades to make easy access of the huge space. Although roller blades are rarely found in shopping malls or retail outlets, you can find an abundance online. Shop for the best roller blades to suit your action styles right here on iprice.

Perfect your Skateboard stunts

Technology behind skateboards has advanced quite a bit since the creation of the first skateboard. Today, you have boards for all kinds of skating. There are those for simply moving from one place to another without walking, and there are those made for stunts and performance. Unlike roller blades, skateboards are somewhat easier to master as they are more stable. Whatever your preference, skateboards today provide the ultimate entertainment for action sports.

Making the most of action sports online

Up to 66% discounts on Action Sports can be found only on iprice. The two best-selling Action Sports currently are the New Sports Camera Mount Riser Bracket Stash Box Drawer for Skateboard Black, A1620618-BC 20 Inch BMX Bicycle (Green) and Skateboard Accessories Kit with 4pcs 53mm White Wheels + 8pcs ABEC-7 Bearings. The most popular Action Sports are from RockBros, Verde and Asogo. Depending on your needs, you can get BMXs, Skateboards and Roller Blades. Most Action Sports used today are in Yellow, White and Silver.