As one of the biggest sportswear conglomerate in the world, Adidas never disappoints in churning our high-quality products. adidas HK has origins that can be traced back to Germany in the year 1949. It shares a rich history with Puma, another top sportswear brand. adidas’ most popular products are the Adidas shoes including the Adidas NMD, Adidas Ultra Boost, Adidas Originals like Stan Smith and Superstar, and many more. Aside from shoes, Adidas HK also offers a wide selection of activewear and leisurewear. This includes clothing like hoodies and sweatpants, bags, watches, and so on. Shop Adidas Hong Kong’s best-selling products from the Adidas HK store.

How much does Adidas footwear cost in HK? | Where to buy Adidas in HK?


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adidas Response SR Shoes

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經典必入手!總要有一雙在你鞋櫃的adidas 必買復古波鞋

Adidas一向是深受香港甚至世界各地年輕人愛戴的潮牌,近年更是憑著Adidas NMDYeezy BoostUltra Boost 等鞋款引領潮流連帶經典鞋款如Adidas SuperstarAdidas Stan Smith都跟著再次紅起來。Adidas 在潮流界立足多年并不是沒有原因的,好多 Adidas 運動鞋都承載著兩用功能,即可著住上健身房亦可以Chok住去同另一半拍拖打邊爐睇電影。所以不少知名藝人如余文樂、周柏豪 、陳奕迅等都是Adidas 的頭號擁躉。近年Adidas 的再次崛起更對這品牌的競爭對手添加不少威脅就因爲這幾款波鞋,Adidas SuperstarAdidas Stan Smith、仲有邊可以少得號稱史上最偉大的跑步鞋的 Adidas Ultra Boost,深受香港年輕男女歡迎。

永遠的經典adidas Superstar

人脚一雙的 Adidas Superstar,可謂近兩年熱爆的Adidas 低幫波鞋之一,絕對是成爲潮人必備的入門波鞋。單是2016年就已經在全球出售超過1500萬雙,可見Adidas Superstar的魅力絕對不簡單。提到Adidas Superstar,最原始的入門款式莫過於經典的黑白色,即是全白的波鞋配上尖銳顯眼的Adidas Originals 黑色三條紋還有最重要的三葉草標志。

除了黑白款式,Superstar Slip On 更成爲一衆年輕女性最值得擁有的Adidas波鞋;與Superstar一樣,其黑白色混搭帶出簡約又不失大氣的設計,受到很多極簡主義崇尚者的追捧。

復古網球運動鞋adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith 網球鞋源自于1970年代初的網球場,是Adidas為了向美國著名網球球星Stan Smith致敬而推出的一款運動鞋。不過40多年後的今天,Adidas Stan Smith已不再用作打网球,而是多用于休闲穿著用途。其簡約風格是它仍然大受歡迎的一大原因,純白色鞋身更突顯它的樸實。Adidas Stan Smith 不像大多數的Adidas波鞋,它沒有外部三條紋。 相反,在每隻鞋的皮革鞋面的兩側穿有三排通風孔。

另外,和鞋面色調相近的橡膠外底令這款鞋輕易成為休閒鞋界的代表。除了經典Stan Smith款之外,各位亦不妨考慮入手這款可以令你悄悄增高的神奇波鞋 Adidas Stan Smith Bold。其厚底設計既可以讓你低調的增高又不失時尚感,絕對是身材嬌小的女生必入手的恩物!

史上最偉大跑步鞋之稱Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas Ultra Boost 稱得上是近期内數一數二的運動跑步鞋之一。它不僅是跑步愛好者的首選,還是各界潮人和波鞋收藏者必買的波鞋。這款鞋突然爆紅并不是無道理,它的Primeknit鞋面具備高度透氣性能,無懼長時間穿著而產生不透氣的粘膩感。它招牌的 Boost 技術與最近推出的 Ultra Boost 3.0 鞋底更采用了Continental輪胎橡膠物料,比一般市面上的跑步鞋都來得耐磨與抓地力,無論走路跑步健身都更有實在感。雖然 Adidas Ultra Boost 價格比一般跑步運動鞋來得高但絕對物超所值。早前推出的 Ultra Boost 全黑色、白色系列亦在短時間内被掃清光。

除了一般大家熟悉的Adidas Ultra BoostAdidas 也在近期内推出Ultra Boost Laceless 系列,一款專門為不喜歡綁鞋帶的懶人型人而設計的波鞋。與傳統Ultra Boost一樣,其簡約的黑白色搭配上普通牛仔褲素T更顯搶眼。

講咗咁耐仲未擁有呢3款波鞋?快D上iprice香港官網揀番對你心水嘅 Adidas 經典波鞋慰勞下自己對脚喇!

How much does Adidas footwear cost in HK?

The price of the shoes varies depending on the quality and material used on the footwear. Limited editions and collaboration footwear would cost higher than normal Adidas footwear by at least half the original price.

Where to buy Adidas in HK?

Adidas products can be purchased at all Adidas HK outlet stores and online. By visiting iPrice HK, you can find the best Adidas products and sportswear that suit you best among online merchants like Zalora, Farfetch, and Ssense.

Adidas Superstars

These Adidas shoes took the world by storm a couple of years ago and it jumpstarted the white sneakers trend that have prevailed until today. The Adidas Superstars are as simple as white sneakers can get, embellished with the iconic Adidas three stripes in various finishes like matte black, metallic rose gold, and holographic rainbow.

The Adidas Superstar shoes have become fan favourites for fashion enthusiasts all over the globe due to its versatility. You can pair these Adidas sneakers with sweatpants, jeans, leggings, or even a little black dress so you can stay comfortable during a night out. They are also suitable for a smart-casual environment due to their elegant yet simple silhouette.

Adidas Stan Smith

Akin to the Adidas Superstars, the Adidas Stan Smith also refers to white sneakers with a rounded toe tip and smooth body. Although it’s also part of the collection Adidas Originals in Singapore, the major difference between the Superstars and the Stan Smith is the fully-white body on the latter, omitting the three-stripes completely. The Adidas Stan Smith was named after the American tennis player, Stanley Smith, and was created in the 1960s as tennis shoes.

While you can still run around the court with a pair of these babies from Adidas Singapore, people today opt to wear the Stan Smith casually and leisurely instead. Since the Adidas Stan Smith has similar designs as the Superstar, you can pair them up with any kind of outfit from extremely casual (leggings, sweatpants, pyjamas) to smart casual (denim jeans, blazers, flowy midi dresses).

Adidas Yeezy

If you didn’t know it yet, Kanye West’ brainchild is a part of the Adidas shoe collection. While the Adidas Yeezy is more exclusive than the other leisure footwear, it’s still an Adidas product that hypebeasts throughout the world go crazy for. The Adidas Yeezy Boost comes in many designs and colour variations but the triangular silhouette and embroidered product code along the side.

Adidas NMD

The Adidas NMD- short for Nomad, Adidas Originals’ HK new kid on the block is a popular casual sneaker that combines old design concepts with new technology. Fusing the performance-ready capabilities of a Boost sole with a minimalist sock-like upper, the NMD is low-key but tech-loaded staple sneaker. History continues with the trademark trefoil branding and bold three stripes on the sides of the shoes- but the NMD is in its own right truly Original.