Revolutionary and classic, the Adidas Superstar is the iconic design that continues to stir the imagination of its admirers and collectors alike. This wonderful shoe series truly sets the scene when it comes to exuding your desired minimalist and modern vibe. Read more about Superstar Adidas in Hong Kong below to find out.

What's the difference between Adidas Originals Superstar 1 and 2? | How can you tell fake Superstar shoes?


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Best Superstar Adidas Sneakers that Rock The World

With its legendary reputation of making exceptional products, the brand with 3 stripes stands proudly as the go-to brand if you are looking for high-quality sports apparel and accessories. The Adidas Superstar series is one of the most popular Adidas shoes. Since its introduction to the masses, there are countless variations that celebrate this classic design. For those that do not know how to select these amazing pairs, there is a simple guide that can narrow down your choices. Here are some of the best Superstar sneakers that rock the world.

Adidas Originals Superstar 80S Decon Shoes

Born on the basketball court, the Adidas Superstar sneaker took a big step in the '80s onto the feet of hip-hop royalty. Enter the Adidas Superstar 80S Decon shoes. This pair shines so well with its unique look. As for this Adidas shoe design, it presents itself as a fresh, minimalist take on the legendary Adidas Superstar series. Its meticulously crafted single-layer leather upper is adorned with the laser-etched 3-Stripes and Trefoil logo. Furthermore, it has a well-forged leather shell toe that keeps the look authentic and classic. Such incredible craftsmanship makes it stand out from the rest of Adidas shoes.

As it has been designed exclusively to embody the mantra of "does more with less", the Adidas Superstar 80S Decon shoes are an awesome addition to the family of the legendary Adidas Superstar series. For those who are looking for a minimalist take on this iconic Adidas design, the Adidas Superstar 80S Decon shoes are destined for you.

Adidas Originals Superstar Slip-On Shoes

These particular Adidas shoes incorporate the iconic Superstar style with a unique twist: slip-on design. With the slip-on design, it is an effortless task when it comes to wearing them, especially during emergencies situations where you need to rush off to somewhere. This pair is made with a knit upper plus premium suede overlays. Next, you have elastic bands crisscross the foot for a snug fit. At the same time, it has a rubber shell toe which keeps the look classic.

Sporting a clean vibe, this pair is the perfect choice for those who want to exude a crisp and clean look. In fact, this gorgeous pair just looks put-together with any outfit. With its different design, the Adidas Superstar Slip-On shoes deliver a convenient way of wearing them. Now, you can enjoy wearing your favourite Adidas shoes without having to tie laces.

What's the difference between Adidas Originals Superstar 1 and 2?

The Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers of version 1 and 2 have various differences. The most major difference between Version 1 and Version 2 sneakers is the Version 1 is from the 1969 collections, while version 2 sneakers are new collections reinvented after 40 years in the 20th century. The next differences between Version 1 and Version 2 are the material used to produce the shoe. Version 1 sneakers are made of all-leather upper and a rubber toe while the second collections have an add-on in the form of a silk lining for better comfort.

How can you tell fake Superstar shoes?

To spot and know how to detect fake Superstar sneakers, the easiest way you can detect a fake is by looking at the serial number. Usually, the fake shoe will have serial numbers that do not match the sneaker box, and/or serial numbers of both sneakers are the same. Whereas for the original sneakers, the serial number will match the shoe box and the serial number of both sneakers is different. The second step you need to know to detect fake Adidas Originals sneakers is by looking at the three stripes. The stripes for fake Superstar shoes are usually thicker and closely spread compared to the real ones which are normal thickness and with some spacing.