Bored of riding jet skis or a banana boat when going to the beach? Why not try kayaking instead? Learning how to kayak may take time, but if you know the general tips, you can learn it in no time. Read the kayak guide by clicking here.


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How to Be a Pro Kayaker in Hong Kong

Kayaking can be a great watersport alternative when you go to the beach or nearest river. It can help improve the fitness of your physique by providing great upper body workout that can flatten the tummy and tone the arms. Other than that, kayaking is a way to relieve stress; just imagine yourself rowing your kayak down the river underneath the sunset. Tempting, right? If you don’t know how to kayak, worry not. The simple guide below will tell you how to master this watersport in an instant.

What to prepare and bring with you

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the equipment that you need to bring with you. The equipment you need to bring is a first aid kit, a life vest, water bottles, and a set of tools to fix your kayaking equipment if anything goes awry. As a beginner, especially if you’re not a good swimmer, it’s crucial to have a pair of life vests and a first aid kit with you at all times. If the kayak overturn and you get thrown overboard, wearing a life vest can help you navigate through the water current. Treat your injuries with the first aid kit, keep a filled water bottle with you to avoid dehydration, and have a tool kit on hand so you can fix a punctured inflatable kayak or a broken paddle.

Getting into a kayak

Start off by placing the kayak in the water and hold it firmly so it doesn’t get carried away by the current. Stand next to your kayak while holding the paddle in one hand. The side which you enter the kayak into doesn’t matter, as long as you always maintain a firm grip on your boat. Begin entering the kayak by placing one foot at a time. After you find your balance, you can proceed by sitting in the kayak and gently rowing further inwards.

Sitting in a kayak

To comfortably sit in the kayak, there are parts of the boat you can adjust. The angle of the backrest can be changed so you won’t have to lean too forward or backward. Your lower back and buttocks should align with each other at a 90-degree angle. Next, place your feet on the foot pegs with the toes pointed outwards and the heels towards the center of the boat. When sitting, your knees should slightly bend outwards. When everything is properly adjusted, you can go right ahead and start paddling your kayak along the water.

Paddling a kayak

This is perhaps the hardest part of learning how to kayak. There are several techniques you need to learn to be able to kayak safely and smoothly. When paddling, you need to maintain a good posture and use a relaxed grip on your paddle. Then, you need to familiarize yourself with the different techniques needed to maneuver the kayak like the forward stroke, the sweep stroke for turning, draw strokes for pulling, and reverse forward stroke for stopping. To make it easier, think of your paddle as an extension of your arms. How you lean can also effect the movement of the boat.

Whether you’re planning to do some whitewater kayak or recreational kayaking, the basic guide above can help you either way. Check out Lazada’s and AliExpress’ offer for all types of kayaks here on iPrice.

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