Bringing out the hot and seductive scent with Agent Provocateur – the world’s top luxury lingerie and perfume, now available online on iprice. What makes women go crazy over this British brand? Read more to find out.

Agent Provocateur Clothing

Agent Provocateur Hong Kong – The world of charms

Agent Provocateur – Making exquisite lingerie and women accessories since 1994

Agent Provocateur is the brand that resonates with an image of a heart-stopping lady whose radiant beauty and alluring scent are reflected through every step of her way. The secret to that enticing look is Agent Provocateur with their exceptionally luscious lingerie, ready-to-wear fashion, nightwear and most significantly, fragrances.

As classified as one of the world’s most expensive lingerie brands, Agent Provocateur pushes all the boundaries to give ordinary lingerie a touch of class as well as tantalization, making them not only comfortable but also bootylicious. In line of the sexy designs, their extravagant fragrances also ooze out the erotic scent that makes a woman irresistible like the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite. 

The brand had its first store opened in Soho, Broadwick Street of England in 1994 with the founding father being Joseph Corre together with his now ex-wife Serena Rees. It was a phenomenal success and was crowned the greatest of its kind – a lingerie brand that sophisticatedly evoked an overwhelming sense of a woman’s charm.

Agent Provocateur Hong Kong – Find your scent in the garden of luxury perfumes

Scent is everything when it comes to a lady’s strongest attractiveness. Agent Provocateur is probably the monopoly in the game of women’s seductive perfumes. Its signature combination of exotic floral notes in a pink ostrich-egg formed bottle will surely blow everyone surrounding you away.

Entering the perfume industry back in 2000 under the same name, Agent Provocateur simultaneously gave sexuality a whole new meaning. A woman doesn't have to be flirty to turn every head on a crowded street. In fact, the longest lasting impression of a lady is a bewitching perfume that she uses. And Agent Provocateur has just that.

The best Agent Provocateur perfumes for her

Perfume is certainly the wizard that creates those fleeting moments when someone is caught under your spell as you walk on by. It is not only a wearable charm that gives women a desirable charisma but also a confidence booster that every one of them cannot live without. So get yourself the best scents from the garden of Agent Provocateur perfumes and become the brightest blooming flower in the sea of beauty today, here are our picks:

  • Agent Provocateur (2000): The first and most iconic perfume of Agent Provocateur. This small yet arousing scent of classical Egyptian jasmine, Russian coriander blended perfectly well with Indian saffron and Haiti vetiver is strong and intoxicating with just a light spritz. The legendary Agent Provocateur Eau De Parfum is a perfect companion for the most intimate moments of your life.

  • Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionnelle (2006): If you prefer something alluring in a subtler way, try this best selling from Agent Provocateur Eau De Toilette collection: Eau Emotionnelle. It boasts the same composition as the Agent Provocateur but a little less intensive with softer base notes like amber, Haitian vetiver and cedar following spicy floral notes.

  • L’Agent Eau Provocateur (2012): L’Agent is a special collaboration of the Cruz siblings (Penelope and Monica Cruz) and the brand’s Creative Director Sarah Shotton. The triple not only rocked the lingerie designing phase but also won every lady with their top-notch perfume lines. The L’Agent Eau Provocateur is probably the most famous creation. It contains a lighter scent of seduction and is extra sophisticated for daytime usage.  

  • Agent Provocateur Petale Noir (2012): Among the collection of Agent Provocateur perfumes, this royalty designed bottle is truly the most precious princess in her 20s. Fresh and sweet scent for a youthful feel is what Patale Noir possesses. Its main notes are magnolia, hyacinth, rose, lily of the valley to lotus among other oriental floral bases. The scent is memorable to your admirer till the next time around.

Agent Provocateur – The brand that empowers Women

The world has Chanel as it is today thanks to the aspiration for empowering women by the legendary designer herself. And Agent Provocateur aims to do just that through the designs of exquisite lingerie and irresistible perfume scents.

Agent Provocateur celebrates the petite and radiant beauty of a woman through her intimate moments of love and lush. It is beyond the sexuality that is imposed on the brand images, it is the powerful and alluring look that is seen through a woman’s eyes when she is dressed in her favourite Agent Provocateur lingerie and nightwear.

The women of Agent Provocateur are those who are the envy of the fashion world such as Penelope Cruz, Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue and Maggie Gyllenhall.