One of the best and most popular backpack series in Japan is now on Hong Kong shores! Anello backpacks have a reputation for providing top-quality, unique, and trendy bags for fashionistas in the country. Emphasizing on simple design and versatility, Anello offers various kinds of bags to hold your daily essentials, learn more about Anello HK below.


What Makes Anello 香港 Bags Unique

Anello backpacks have been spotted all around Japan when it was newly launched in 2005. Widely popular with Japanese students and mothers for its cute design and big storage capability, Anello is the go-to brand for backpacks. Now, the brand has emerged as a big backpack trend in Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia, you can spot an Anello backpack on the backs of many people who want a large, yet compact backpack to stash all their belongings.

Characteristics of an Anello Backpack

Among the brand's most popular products are their backpack collection. What differentiates Anello backpacks from other brands is its wide range of themes and colours. Its functional design gives the bag its signature look which is easy to match with any outfit you want to wear. So what exactly makes an Anello背包 backpack unique?

  • Wide Opening - Perhaps one of the best things about Anello backpacks is its wide mouth or opening at the top. This allows you to see and properly organize your things inside your bag.
  • Exterior Pockets - If the main compartment is not enough, exterior pockets can hold small items such as keys, small makeup items, and your gadgets. These pockets are accessible, making it a convenient addition to the overall design of the bag.]
  • Secret Opening - One of the things that make Anello backpacks unique is a secret zipped opening that's 29cm long. This allows you to access items in your bag while still wearing it.
  • Easy to carry - Aside from these features, Anello’s backpack is also lightweight and easy to carry. No matter how heavy your bag is, you can still be comfortable and fashionable while wearing an Anello backpack.

What's So Charming about Anello Bags

To be a top-selling bag brand in Japan is no easy task since the market has a flux of local and foreign fashion labels that also offer an amazing range of bags. So, how did Anello capture the Japanese people and even people far from its homeland?

We think that it’s because of the brand’s high-quality and simple design that appeals to all. Anello designers develop its bag collection designs that will not fall out of style, this enables its customers to not worry about carrying an outdated fashion bag around. As bags are something that many Japanese people use every day to keep and hold their belongings to work or school, Anello made its bags in shapes and kinds that would be functional to store more than a handful of things.

As explained above, an Anello backpack can have larger storage space for more things simply because of its clever design. For university students, you can keep a laptop, several books, note files, a stationery bag, a water bottle, wallet/purse, a spare jacket and a couple of snacks in one smallish looking Anello. As for mothers, many Japanese mothers love Anello because the bag allows them to customize the inner compartment of the bag with their own smaller pouches. Mums can keep your ‘pump bag’ that hold all necessary milk pump equipment, two or three wet tissues packets, two bottles of milk, 6 pieces of diapers, towels, bibs, spare change of clothes, more tissue at the side, a flask, purse/wallet and a few other things that every mother needs when caring for their lovely child.

Besides that, Anello backpacks also have a very comfortable padded shoulder strap that will not weigh the bag user down when it’s on the back. The colour variations, functionality and different sizes will definitely keep Anello in the bag game for a long time as it never fails to impress us!

Anello Backpacks that You Should Check Out

Anello x The Emporium

This backpack collection is topped with a combination of canvas and leather that looks chic. These leather and canvas bags are sturdy with their leather straps, and offer extra comfort to the shoulders. With several compartments at the side, you can keep your water bottle and even an umbrella.

Anello x Paquet du Cadeau

This is by far the cutest mini handbag of the brand. A classic timeless design, they are durable and lightweight and can be used to hold your makeup, feminine products and be used as a pencil case!

Anello Big Pocket Day Pack

This Anello backpack will appeal to the guys more as it comes in a unique two-layer structure with more storage space for everyday use. With a high-density Nylon material, guys this will be a perfect go-to bag on rainy days, so you can charmingly sway your way through drizzle and not worry about the content in your bag.

Anello is definitely a bag brand not to be missed out when you do your bag shopping, check them out above. If you are looking for other bags, iPrice Hong Kong also has a variety of brands that would suit your fashion taste.

Can I wash my Anello bag?

Although Anello advises against washing the bags, leaving the bag uncleaned after getting stains might affect the whole appeal and quality of the bag. Some bags can be washed while some others can only be cleaned gently with a cloth. Here we break down the simple cleaning process for each bag material:

  1. Leather: Make a mixture of 1 squirt of mild hand or dish soap and 2 parts of warm water. Dip a soft cloth into the mixture and wring the cloth out with enough force so that it’s not too damp. Then wipe down the surface of the leather bag. Next, repeat the same steps but with warm water instead of the soap mixture. Finally, use a dry cloth to wipe out the damp area.
  2. Canvas: Despite being a machine-washer safe material, it’s better to play it safe with washing the brand’s canvas products. To treat a stain, spray laundry stain remover on the spot. Depending on the condition, leave it for at least 10 minutes, or longer if it’s a stubborn or greasy stain. After that, use a damp cloth or a soft scrub to clean the spot. When scrubbing on the surface, handle it with a circular motion. Lastly, hang it up to allow for air dry.
  3. Polyester: Hand wash the polyester bag with warm water mixed with mild liquid detergent. Rub on any stained or soiled spots with a cloth. Then rinse the bag with warm water and wash out the soapy liquid thoroughly. Finally, put it upside down in a spin dryer with no heat and let it spin for 5 minutes. Or alternatively, you can hang it upside down to air-dry. Make sure to not clip on the cloth as it might damage the material. You can clip on sturdy areas such as the bag straps.

Why is Anello so popular?

When they were launched back in 2005, Anello backpacks were spotted all over Japan and as time went by, the bags started emerging everywhere while collecting a huge cult following from all around the world. As a brand that’s widely popular among students thanks to its unique design and huge storage capability, Anello backpacks are the ultimate carrier everyone should have in their wardrobe, no matter your gender or age.

How can you tell a fake Anello?

  • Check the tags/card attached to the bag: there are typically 3 cards, one will be the details on how to take care of your bag in Japanese, including a 2 liner address and production country. Card 2 is an Anello branded card printed on white, rough surface card. The back of this card has Anello’s official social media accounts and websites. Card 3 is the tag with Model name, colour, price, and bar code.
  • Logo & Typeface on brand tag: the authentic Anello bag’s font is thin and equally spaced. The two lines forming two intersecting bottles logo must be clear and defined.
  • Test the sturdiness of the strap: the straps on an authentic bag are thicker and wider than the counterfeited bag straps. A fake strap will also feel less sturdy than the original one.
  • Check the price tag: if the price of the product you see is significantly lower than the official retail price, it’s a flashing red sign.
  • Pay attention to the rivets and hardware: the typical Anello bag comes with a solid round rivet. In addition, both zippers and hardware are in golden colours.

Is Anello bag waterproof?

Not all bags from Anello are waterproof. However, those made of leather, polyester, or nylon are water-repellent. Some Anello backpacks with great water resistance are Anello x Legato Tote Handbag, Anello Black Backpack EC-B001 & B002, as well as Anello Classic Backpack FSO-B001. No more hassles of laying your bags out to dry after getting caught in the rain. It’s safe to know that all your personal belongings will be protected by the high quality and durable material no matter where you go.