This one-of-a-kind French perfume company offers high-quality perfume with noble essences that could trigger fond memories and positive emotions. When applied correctly, Annick Goutal Hong Kong can last for a very long time. Read more on how to achieve that here.


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How to Make the Most out of your Perfume from Annick Goutal Hong Kong

Consider this analogy: perfumes are like music for the nose. To create music and perfume compositions, it involves combining different notes and harmonies. Both fragrances and music can lift the spirits when played or applied in the right ways. Just like how playing music has their techniques, applying perfumes must be done in a certain way to ensure the longevity of the scent.

As a child who grew up in a musical home, Annick Goutal understands this analogy. Her perfume compositions are unique and distinct. This guide will help you in applying your Annick Goutal perfumes so you don’t waste her precious compositions.

Annick Goutal's best-selling fragrances

Annick Goutal has created more than 30 fragrances, both during her life and posthumously. However, throughout the years, a few of those fragrances turned out to be popular best-sellers and customers’ favorites. Below are six of the most sold and best perfumes Annick Goutal has ever created.

  • Eau d’Hadrien - One of Goutal’s first fragrances is a tribute based on her love and passion for Italy and Emperor Hadrian. It has scents of Mediterranean citrus, ylang-ylang, and cypress wood.
  • Petite Chérie - The Petite Chérie perfume was made as a dedication for Goutal’s daughter Camille’s vivaciousness and femininity. It has pear, peach, rose, vanilla, and grass undertones.
  • Rose Pompon - Mysterious and charming, the Rose Pompon claims to represent a woman’s joie de vivre. Rose Pompon has notes of blackcurrant, raspberry, pink pepper, peony along with the main rose extract.
  • Les Sables - Created specifically for Goutal’s husband, Alain Meunier, and the times they spent in the Mediterranean island of Corsican. It has hints of amber, cinnamon, vanilla, and sandalwood.
  • Tenue de Soirée - The latest perfume in the collection promotes a sense of freedom, audacity, and impertinence. Inspired by the nightfall in Paris, it features iris, patchouli, and a mixture of fruits.
  • Un Matin d’Orange - The smell of a Japanese garden right after a storm is captured in the bottles of Un Matin d’Orange. It has scents of white flowers, jasmine, and fresh green shiso.

Other buyers’ favorites include Annick Goutal Eau de Charlotte, Rose Absolue, Passion, Ambre Fetiche, Nuit Etoilee, and Songes.

Where to best apply your perfumes

  • Hair – Scents will often latch to fibers, like hair and clothing. The hair, however, will retain the scent longer. Alcohol in perfume can easily dry out the hair, though, so it’s best to spray a comb or brush instead of directly applying it on your hair.
  • Ears – A pulse point can behind the ear lobes where the veins are closest to the skin. Hence, it generates more heat and can amplify the scent.
  • Collarbone – The collarbone and décolletage has a lot of dips due to the bone structure. The scents are more likely to settle in one of the dips enabling it to remain on your skin throughout the day.
  • Inside elbows and wrists – The insides of the elbows and around your wrists are another alternative pulse points. To maximize the scent, be sure to lather your skin with lotion and moisturize so the perfume can properly diffuse.
  • Belly button – Actress Liv Tyler applies of perfume on her belly button, a habit she inherited from her father. Just few drops of perfume can go a long way, especially when wearing a crop top or bikini.
  • Down your back – Experts insist that the back provides a balance of giving the scent a long-lasting power without having the scent be too overbearing. Spray the perfume through the collar of your shirt to spread it between the clothing and skin.
  • Behind the knees – The back of your knees is prone to sweating, just like most of the pulse points on your body. It makes sense to apply perfume where it will gradually evaporate throughout the day.
  • Ankles and calves – If you’re an avid walker or need to walk when commuting to work, spritz some perfume on your ankles and calves. The friction when you walk generates warmth and will intensify the scent from your perfume.

Perfumery Do’s and Don’ts

Knowing Annick Goutal, she would want you to take care of each and every perfume bottles you purchased. Follow these perfumery do’s and don’ts to get the best out of your Annick Goutal perfumes, follow.

  1. Do hydrate and moisturize your skin before applying perfumes so the scent can lock longer on your skin.
  2. Don’t rub your wrist together after applying perfume as it reduces the fragrance’s staying power and dampens the smell.
  3. Do dab the perfumes slightly on your skin if it’s not a spray-on perfume.
  4. Don’t spray too close to the skin. Maintain a distance of at least 5 to 7 inches while spraying.
  5. Do target the specific areas mentioned above instead of doing the common misconception of spraying the perfume in the air and walking through the mist.
  6. Don’t overdo it. Remember, a little of perfume goes a long way especially when sprayed in the right areas.
  7. Do research on the notes of the fragrances. Look for what will best suit your body and find out the note with the longest staying power.
  8. Don’t be reckless with your perfumes. Store it safely away from the sunlight and warm, moist air. If the perfume is exposed to these, it will slowly lose its fragrance and change the entire composition.
  9. Do consider your budget. Eau de Parfum are normally slightly more expensive that Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne. However, because Eau de Parfum has higher concentration of fragrance oils, hence the higher price, the scent will last for a long time.

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