Apivita’s intricate philosophy entails three inspirations: the Honey Bee, Greek nature and its biodiversity, along with Hippocrates’ holistic approach. Creating cosmetics combined with naturally derived active ingredients! Learn more about Apivita HK below.


Top 10 Apivita Hong Kong Products that You Should Add to Your Everyday Routine

Apivita, the Greek beauty brand has carved a reputation for prioritizing natural products. Affordable and ethical, there’s no excuse not to enjoy the all-over radiance courtesy of Apivita. Think a lot of olive oil, avocado, and herbs like rosemary and sage. The result is very clean formulas that are ultra-nourishing to sun-kissed skin and hair. Check out the bestselling products that you should add to your personal routine!

Nourishing Hair Mask

Protecting your hair from sun and sea damage is key to getting the all-over glow. Apivita has nailed the art of creating a non-greasy lightweight mask, and it happens to be made from the best of Greek ingredients. The honey and oil mask replenishes lost moisture and keeps hair looking healthy all year long. It also smells divine, ensuring you bring Greek summer with you wherever you go.

Foam Cleanser Face & Eye with Olive and Lavender

This magnificent creamy foam cleanses your face and eyes from dirt and makeup without irritating or dehydrating the skin. Use it daily as it treats every skin type gently, setting a firm basis for healthy and beautiful skin.

Express Beauty Moisturizing and Soothing Face Mask with Prickly Pear

One of the best-selling masks that Apivita has made. With the beautiful smell of the most beloved summer fruit, this brings you on a trip to the Mediterranean, while working miracles on your skin by moisturizing, rejuvenating and soothing.

Wine Elixir Anti-Wrinkle & Restoring Face Oil

The ingredients in this anti-aging oil read like the grocery list for a delicious Greek dinner: organic almond, olive, and sunflower oils (to provide moisture); lupine extract and grape oil (to plump fine lines); and sage essential oil (to tone skin). Massage it into your face and neck for visible results!

Propoline Balancing Shampoo

This all-in-one shampoo tackles a very summer-specific conundrum: our ends tend to get dried and bleached out by the sun, but our roots are more prone to grease and sweat. Made with 85% natural ingredients (including propolis, nettle, and sage, which help balance the scalp’s sebum production), this formula was designed to restore balance to finicky strands.

Bee Radiant Age Defense Illuminating Serum

Rather than degrading, the antioxidants in the serum retain their strong skin-boosting properties for longer, helping to increase skin cell vitality and protect it from aging. The Illuminating Serum marries brightening Vitamin C with orange stem cells that are time-released into skin. Just like a healthy diet, the serum’s approach is little and often, which your skin is better at digesting.