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Thanks to modern technology, every home today is equipped with advanced appliances that which make household chores easier and less time-consuming. Read more about home appliances in Hong Kong below.

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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier
HK$ 2,534.00

This Xiaomi Air Purifier Max provides 1000m³/h high Clean Air Delivery Rate. Triple-layer Filter effectively cleans Pm2.5 and other harmful substances. You will have a comfortable environment with this Smart Air Purifier. Enjoy fresh air and live a healthier life! Features New air pressurization system with a particle CADR of up to 1000m³/h. Triple-layer Filter effectively cleans Pm2.5 and other harmful substance. Clear Oled screen enables you to monitor the air quality easily and displays including PM2.5, Wi-Fi connection status, dimming, temperature, humidity, working mode, etc. Dual-air inlet; that increases the air inlet and outlet area, brings more powerful air purification performance. Laser particle sensor claims to automatically detect AQI ( Air Quality Index ); temperature sensor and humidity sensor detect temperature and humidity. Quite easy and convenient to replace the filter. And we suggest you to replace at regular intervals. Allows to monitor your house air quality through your smartphone, convenient and practical. Specifications Brand Xiaomi Model Ac-M5-Sc Material ABS Sensor Laser Particle, Temperature, Humidity Sensor Noise 34 - 63.5dB Purification Capacity 1000m³/h Applicable Area 70m²-120m² Methanal Cadr 100m³/h Rated Power 86W Standby Power ≤2W Rated Voltage 220V Rated Frequency 50/60Hz Power Cord 1.6m Filter Element Size 480mm × 302mm × 56mm Product Size 386 x 386 x 965mm Package Contents 1 x Air Purifier 2 x Filters 1 x Power Cord 1 x User Manual

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Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier
From HK$ 1,337.00
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video The Xiaomi Smart Water Purifier is dedicated to reducing the plastic footprint. With TDS less than 100 and RO technology, the purifier makes tap water drinkable. The compact purifier with a base area which is even smaller than an A4-size paper can dispense 400 gallons flow in a day. Features 4-step RO Filtration Technology PP Cotton removes large particles of sediment, rust, etc; granaul activated carbon removes odor, chlorine; RO removes heavy matters etc; granular activated carbon improves taste of water. Developed in Collaboration with Yunmi Technology In collaboration with Yunmi Technology, the Mi Water Purifier employs Reverse Osmosis (Ro) with a TDS value under 100 to purify water Deep Cleaning up to 0.0001μm The tap water can be purified with an accuracy of 0,0001μm thanks to the RO technology to effectively filters out the heavy metals, bacteria, organic substances, etc, so you can drink safe water. Faster Filtration Rate with 1.0L / min super high water production rate, even up to almost 400 gallons of water one day. Smart APP Control Via Wi-Fi connectivity, the Mi Smart Home APP will tell you the water consumption, water TDS value, water quality change and remind you of changing filter in time. Waterproof Touch Water Tap Ipx6 waterproof grade, you can touch even by wet hands; easy to use with a gentle touch; and the LED indicator will show the water quality with its light color. Exquisite But Compact The Mi Water Purifier has a base area smaller than an A4-size paper. And it is easy to install beside the water tap in kitchen. Specifications Name Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier Brand Xiaomi Color White Type Water Purifier Rated Voltage 220V Rated Power 96W Product Weight 11.8kg Product Size 20.5 x 26 x 41 cm Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi Water Purifier 4 x Water Filter 1 x Touch Faucet 1 x Accessory Box (with Some Accessories in it)1 x User Manual Read more
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Xiaomi Mi Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor
HK$ 62.00

The Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor that has been designed to remotely control your home appliance. The Genuine Xiaomi allows you to quickly and easily check the indoor temperature and humidity conditions in your home at a single glance using the downloadable app on your smartphone. The Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor is a kit of the Xiaomi Mi smart home suite which is designed to remotely manage home appliances for more comfort. It allows you to quickly and easily check the indoor temperature and humidity conditions at a glance with the App on your smartphone. It helps you maintain ideal humidity levels in your rooms. When it's paired with the other smart sensors of the suite, you can set trigger conditions to auto power on/off your air conditioning and humidifier. Real-Time Detection It can real-time detect temperature and humidity condition at home. Automatic Alarm It will automatic alarm if the temperature and humidity are abnormal. High Accuracy You can view the indoor temperature and humidity, temperature detection precision up to +-0.3 ° c and relative humidity measurement accuracy up to +-3%. APP Control Three steps to connect App, simple and convenient to use. Connect to Mi Plug It can be connected to Xiaomi’s Smart Plugs and automatically power on the air humidifier or the air condition to maintain indoor comfort. Classic Design Lightweight and small size with plain white surface and a thermometer icon on top. Note This item must be paired with the Xiaomi multifunctional gateway to use. Specifications Brand Xiaomi Name Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor System Requirements Android 4.0, iOS 7.0 Temperature Measuring Accuracy -0.3℃~0.3℃ Humidity Measuring Accuracy -3℃~3℃ Working Temperature -20℃~60℃ Working Humidity 0~100 Material Flame Resistant Plastic. Color White Product Weight 85 g Product Size 9 x 9 x 3 cm Package Weight 120 g Package Size 10 x 10 x 4 cm Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Sensor 1 x User Manual

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Top Appliances Price List 2018

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Dyson V6 HK$ 2,194.00 Amazon
Dyson HD01 HK$ 3,308.00 Saks Fifth Avenue
Parlux 385 HK$ 1,027.00 Beauty Expert
Panasonic SR-DF101 HK$ 378.00 EasyTalk
Panasonic NN-ST651M HK$ 1,098.00 EasyTalk
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier HK$ 2,534.00 Zapals
Philips PQ206 HK$ 139.00 AliExpress
Ghd Air Hair Dryer HK$ 1,017.00 Beauty Expert
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 HK$ 669.00 Zapals
Panasonic ES-ST25 HK$ 998.00 EasyTalk
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Life has Never Been More Convenient with Home Appliances HK

Gone are the days where we need to wash our laundry by hand or lighting up a stove just to boil water. As technologies continue to become increasingly advanced, we are blessed with a plethora of innovative home appliances that are making household chores that much easier. Manage your home efficiently with the following appliances:

Vacuum Cleaners

An integral tool in keeping your home clean and tidy, vacuum cleaners are the best tools when it comes to getting rid of dust and dirt from the floor as well as other nooks and crannies. Apart from vacuum cleaners that you need to manually operate by hand, there are also robotic models that can be programmed to automatically clean your home, even when you are away. On the other hand, handheld vacuum cleaners come in handy to reach and clean hard-to-reach spots like the ceiling, something which traditional vacuum cleaners are unable to do.

Laundry Machines

Do you remember the days when you need to sit on a stool and wash your dirty laundry by hand? Although some might still prefer to use this method, modern households will prefer to rely on laundry machines instead. These machines will automatically wash your clothes according to the settings you have set, allowing you to focus on other tasks at hand. Moreover, washing machines today are designed to wash large volumes of clothes and fabric without using a lot of water, enabling you to save on your water bill. Apart from a washing machine, you can also consider investing on a dryer to dry your clothes in a jiffy, instead of hanging them out to dry.


One of the core appliances that can be seen in every home today is a refrigerator. By maintaining a cold temperature which inhibits the growth of bacteria, a refrigerator enables you to keep your food items longer while retaining its freshness and nutrients. Modern versions are also equipped with power-saving technologies which enable them to consume less electricity. Most refrigerators today come with a freezer which allows users to freeze fresh products like raw meat and fish for them to have a longer shelf life.


Air-conditioners are the perfect appliance to have to cool yourself down on a hot day. Air-conditioning units today have become more eco-friendly, requiring less electricity to cool down a room or space. Nowadays, air-conditioners come in several different types: portable, wall-mounted, and ceiling-mounted units.


Whether you are someone who is always on the go or simply too lazy to cook, a microwave is a handy appliance to have at home. You can use it to reheat your food in almost no time at all. Apart from using it to reheat your dishes, microwaves can also be used to cook pre-prepared meals to perfection and to defrost frozen food.