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You do not have to worry about being all sweaty and uncomfortable anymore with Air Conditioners (冷氣) in Hong Kong. The most common types of Aircons utilised are either portable or wall-mounted. Read on to know about Air Conditioners in Hong Kong.

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Top Air Conditioners Price List 2018

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voltage stabilizer tnd-30kw household 30000W refrigerator air conditioner 30KVA voltage regulator 220V pure copper HK$ 4,312.00 AliExpress
Automatic voltage stabilizer tnd-20kw household 20000W refrigerator air conditioner 20KVA voltage regulator 220V pure copper HK$ 2,984.00 AliExpress
3-4 Person outdoor family inflatable sunshade beach canopy gazebo tunnel air conditioner family camping tube automatic air tent HK$ 4,120.00 AliExpress
Floor Electric Heater Five-sided Heating Type Fire Furnace Warmer Domestic Office Foot Warm Tool Home Portable Air Conditioner HK$ 499.00 AliExpress
Portable Air Conditioner Fan 3 Cooling Water Quiet Fan Wind 3-Speed Put Water Ice Outdoor Travel Device On Home Office Desk Fan HK$ 205.00 AliExpress
Ceiling cassette units make each served area an independent controlled temperature zone to suit diverse requirements. HK$ 2,870.00 AliExpress
Household Energy Saving Fan Heater Office Winter Warm Machine Mini Electric Heater Heating Fan Hot Wind Portable Air Conditioner HK$ 499.00 AliExpress
voltage stabilizer TND-20KVA household 20000W refrigerator air conditioner 20KVA voltage regulator 220V pure copper HK$ 2,976.00 AliExpress
High-temperature appliance steam cleaner MFP multi-function machine high-pressure hood air conditioner complete cleaning machine HK$ 5,884.00 AliExpress
voltage stabilizer TND-30KVA household 30000W refrigerator air conditioner 30KVA voltage regulator 220V pure copper HK$ 4,314.00 AliExpress

A Guide to Selecting the Best Air Conditioner (冷氣機) for your Space

The hot weather can be bothersome as it causes us to sweat profusely and can cause us to lose focus while we work. This is why we often seek a location such as shopping malls or cafes with Air Conditioning to cool down. At times, being under the hot sun is inevitable, nevertheless, you can make your life better as you step into your home or office with the perfect air conditioner to beat the heat. Here's a simple guide to selecting the best air conditioner for your space.

Window AC or Split AC?

Both window air conditioner and split air conditioner have their own advantages. Window AC is generally cheaper and more convenient to install. It also allows users to quickly and efficiently select the operational settings that are right for them. Meanwhile a split AC quieter, thus promising you a good night sleep without unpleasant AC sound as it consists of is two main parts: the outdoor and indoor unit.


When you choose an air conditioner, make sure the capacity of your AC could accommodate the size of your room. Usually, if you are in a room with of 120-140 Sq. ft. area, you might need an air conditioner of 1 ton. If your room is larger than that, you might have to increase the capacity of your AC.

Energy Efficiency

Electrical appliances that are energy efficient can be very consumer-friendly. They consume less electricity, thus helping you to save up on your utility bills. As a smart consumer, don’t forget to get yourself an energy efficient air conditioner.

Clean Air, Quality Air

Indoor or outdoor, your lungs strive for clean air. A good air conditioner supplies quality air with its good filter. It makes your indoor air cleaner and ensures smooth flow of cool air. Choose an air conditioner with the most effective filter.

How Should you Care for your Air Conditioner?

Taking good care of your air conditioners ensures their efficiency as well as longevity. Make sure you conduct regular service as this enables optimum performance of your AC. During this servicing process, it is important to check the filters. Some can be reused while others might need to be replaced. Clean or replace the filters every 1-2 months. In addition to that, you will also have to pay close attention to your air conditioner coils. If they get dusty, your AC has to utilize more energy and electrify to absorb the heat and maintain a cool environment.