Air quality in Hong Kong is something we take for granted until the haze season comes around. One way to clean the air indoors is to use an air purifier. Here are some reasons why you need an air purifier.


3 Reasons for You to Get An Air Purifier

Living in Hong Kong, we are no strangers to air pollution and bad quality of the air. We tend to take our air quality for granted until the haze strikes. What happens when the quality of air indoors becomes bad? We resort to air purifiers. Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. The more common of which are made by Coway, LG, and Sharp. You may not be convinced that you need an air purifier, but here are 3 reasons why you should.

You want to breathe easy

Have you ever entered a person’s house and felt like you couldn’t breathe? Most of the time, you would experience that feeling due to a nasty musk or bad odour left by something (or someone). To overcome this, you could either spray a bottle of fragrance and mask the smell, or you could get an air purifier. Air Purifiers help you breathe easy by cleaning the air and getting rid of unwanted smells. By channeling the air from the surrounding atmosphere into a series of vents and filters, the purifier slowly but surely gets rid of contaminants in the air.

This is also great for those who have breathing ailments. If your children have asthma or wheezing problems, you will want to provide a comfortable and clean environment for them to thrive. It is recommended that you have an air purifier in your home given that you have children with breathing difficulties.

It circulates the air

Wall fans are great for circulation. So are air conditioners. But these appliances do not do justice to the quality of air that is circulated. Instead, what they do is to recycle the contaminated air and circulate it around the area. This, in turn, exacerbates the bad condition of air quality.

We Asians love to fry our smelly food. Our spicy dishes and somewhat pungent cooking creates a hard time breathing. You won’t need to worry if you have an air purifier. The air purifier not only removes harmful debris but also smells. It prevents stale, stagnant air from being in the environment.

It looks cool

No kidding – air purifiers make your home or office look cool. With a sleek, futuristic frame, along with LED lighting (on most models), plus a set of cool buttons, the air purifier is the perfect accessory for your space. It sits neatly 90 degrees on any wall or flat surface and you could hide it behind your other decoration too! What’s better, air purifiers are pet-friendly. This means they won’t harm your pets – in fact, they’re good to remove hair and debris from your dog or cat.

Air purifiers these days are also easy to use. Simply remove the filter(s) and wash or wipe away with the given tools. Some larger, more expensive models come with a warranty that includes cleaning of the filters and maintenance. You won’t even have to worry about how to clean them.

So, go ahead and get an air purifier for your space today!