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Your kitchen is never complete without the right cooktop that would help you cook your food. Otherwise known as a kitchen hob, a cooktop is a necessary part of your kitchen. Scroll down below for the best cooktops online or read more about how to choose the right cooktop for your household.

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Homgeek High-end Modern European Style 4 Burners Built-in Stainless Steel Gas Hob Gas Range Professional Kitchen Cooktop
HK$ 547.00
Features: Automatic ignition. Delicate enamel pan support. Flame failure device, safe to use. 4 solidly built control knobs at lateral side. High-efficiency burner, lift temperature fast. Enamelled sheetmetal burner cap is much more durable. Excellent gas hob that offers even temperature distribution and the gas supply is steady. Stainless steel surface, wear resistance, anti-oil, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and easy to clean.
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Homgeek Modern Built-in 4-Zone Sense Touch Control Induction Hob with Booster Professional High-efficiency Kitchen Cooktop
HK$ 1,162.00
Features: Booster function. Automatic pan detection. Touch sensor control, easy to operate. Child lock function to prevent unintended use. Overheating protection and automatic shut-off, safe to use. Good heat conducting properties, heats quickly and consistently. Excellent induction hob that offers even temperature distribution. Very sleek and clean appearance, and the smooth top is easy to clean. 4 cooking zones, each with 9 cooking levels and individual time setting. Timer function with two modes (Reminder/Shutdown), the maximum timer is 99 minutes. Residual heat indicator to reminds you that the surface is still hot after you've turned it off. Thicken tempered glass surface, wear-resisting, scratch-resistant, high temperature resistance.
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Homgeek Free Standing 23"*11"*22" Electric Stove Fireplace Heater Fire Flame Adjustment Temperature Control 1500W
HK$ 585.00
Features: Stunning classical design with ultra-realistic flame and mesh door. Compact design, great for all indoor spaces including corners. Vintage and elegant appearance, free standing style fireplace. Easy to use, works effectively and ensures safety. Manual control (On/off, temperature control and adjustable flame brightness). High heating efficiency. Attractive 3-sided open design for full view. Overheating safety cut-off protection. Suitable for bedroom, living room and family room, or office such as conference room, etc.
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*Prices updated on 21 Sep 2017

Cooktop - a Kitchen Essential that every Household Must Have

Your kitchen is never complete without a cooktop. A cooktop is a kitchen appliance that produces heat through gas or electricity which help you cook your favorite meals. There are different types of cooktops based on how it dispenses heat. Each type has their own pros and cons so before you start your shopping, you should know which type would suit your lifestyle.

Different types of cooktops

Whether you call it a cooktop, a kitchen hob, or a kitchen stove, it only has one purpose - to dispense heat for cooking. Here are several types of cooktops that could potentially change the way you cook your food:

Electric coil cook top

A unique and inexpensive type of cook top, an electric coil type heats up using coils in replacement of flames from gas. This type of cooktop has a wide selection of finishes and designs and could accommodate all types of cookware.

Electric smooth top

An electric smooth top is a type of stove with a smooth ceramic glass surface with four or more radiant elements underneath which help distribute evenly and efficiently. Aside from heating up rapidly, electric smooth top hobs are easy to clean and use.

Induction cooktop

Similar to the electric smooth top in looks, an induction cooktop is a unique and revolutionary hob which heats only the cookware and its contents when cooking. Though electricity is used to power this cooktop, no traditional heating elements are used. Aside from that, these type of kitchen stove is energy-efficient, producing more heat with less voltage.

Gas cook top

Gas cook tops are the traditional kitchen stoves that we normally see in many kitchens around the world. With the help of gas to produce flames, a gas cook top offers precise heating which heat up and cool down quickly. Like the electric coil, gas cook tops are inexpensive and economical.

Tips on buying cooktops

Cooktops are an essential part of your kitchen. Here are some great tips when buying cooktops:

  • Your cooktop should be according to your budget. Gas and electric coil cooktops are among the most affordable types while induction and smooth tops are a little bit expensive.
  • The size should also be a factor when choosing a cooktop. If you are living alone, one or two burners should suffice. Aside from that, take accurate measurements of dimensions so that you would be able to accommodate your new hob in your kitchen.
  • Check if there are some additional installations needed. Induction cookers have their own special power connections and gas cooktops need a supply of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) to fuel the flames.

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In terms of maintenance cost, cooktops in general have almost the same margins. You can choose from different types of cooktops from different brands online such as Rubine, Elba, Faber, Electrolux, and so much more!

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