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Whether you're a professional chef or a home-maker, having a mixer in the kitchen is important. Not only does it allow you to mix ingredients together, it does it efficiently. Check out the best hand mixers in Hong Kong or read more about our hand mixer buying guide below.

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Wahl ZX930 5-Speed Hand Mixer 300W White Uk Plug at 194.00 HKD from Nzgameshop
Wahl ZX930 5-Speed Hand Mixer 300W White Uk Plug
HK$ 194.00
Powerful 300W hand mixer 5 speeds and a turbo button Eject button with safety device Stainless steel beaters and dough hooks

Hand Mixers - What you Need to Know

Whether manual or electric, hand mixers have been a trusted appliance in the kitchen. Whether for baking or cooking in general, having a hand mixer at hand allows you to create amazing dishes and pastries without putting too much effort in mixing two ingredients together. For chefs and homemakers alike, a hand mixer is one of technologies greatest inventions in the kitchen.

Hand Mixers vs Stand Mixers

There are two general types of mixers that exist. Apart from hand mixers, there are also stand mixers that function the same way as hand mixers. In terms of size, stand mixers are bigger than hand mixers, this is also the same for the capacity of food they can mix. If you own a bakery or a restaurant, it is essential that you have a stand mixer instead of a hand mixer while hand mixers are much more appropriate for home use. Though preference may vary depending on the amount of ingredients you regularly use, there is also a third kind which is a combination of a hand mixer and a stand mixer. Either way, all three of these types of mixers still serve the same purpose in your kitchen.

What you Need to Consider When Buying Hand Mixers

Hand mixers can come in various shapes, sizes, features, and price ranges. To find the perfect hand mixer for your kitchen, here are some quick guidelines on choosing the best one:


When buying hand mixers, the first thing that you need to consider is your budget. If you are looking for affordable hand mixers for your kitchen, several brands like Scarlett and Pensonic offer a great selection of affordable hand mixers in Hong Kong. If you are looking for more expensive ones, you can try out Hanabishi, Kenwood, and Cuisinart.

Key Features

The next thing that you need to consider when buying hand mixers is its key features. Aside from its usual function of mixing two or more ingredients together, there are mixers that come with a variety of features such as having several types of hooks and whisks, a mixing bowl, a blending option, and a storage stand to keep every piece in place.


Another great factor that you should consider when buying a hand mixer is its grip. This allows you to hold your hand mixer efficiently without slippage that can cause accidents.


Apart from all these factors, the weight is also crucial in your choice finding the perfect hand mixer for your kitchen. Though heavier mixers are considered to have better quality than lightweight ones, it all boils down to preference. If your mixer is too heavy, you won't be able to hold it in place when mixing.

If you are looking for hand mixers in Hong Kong, check out our selection of appliances and accessories from a great selection of brands online!

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