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Buy an oven and enhance your cooking skill. Who knows? You may just be the next Gordon Ramsay or Rachael Ray. Click here to learn more about ovens or scroll down to browse through our array of products.

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Bring out the Best Flavors in Your Food with these Ovens from Hong Kong

From Fire and Stone to Electric and Gas Ovens Hong Kong

The ancient people of long ago started out by cooking their meals over a fire. As evolution progressed, so did the human mind as it begun to invent better ways to make life easier and/or better. Among the many things that our ancient ancestors did was come up with the idea of an oven. Of course, with no electricity or the technology that we have today, the ovens back then were simple and needed fire in order to cook food.

Of course today’s oven is so much more easy to use. With the invention of electricity and other cool inventions, the modern day oven is so much more convenient to use and comes in a variety of functions as well as appearances. Today’s modern ovens are powered by either electric or gas, eliminating the hassle of having to collect firewood and build a fire in order to cook the food.

Making Your Life Easy with Ovens Hong Kong

With so many ovens to choose from, we can understand the confusion that buyers would face when making the decision of which would the perfect one. With that in mind, we have gathered and compiled a list of information regarding a few of ovens that we feel would be of interest to you:

Conventional Ovens
This oven type is very common and is often found built into kitchens or as part of the kitchen range. Conventional ovens are also called as traditional ovens. These ovens have no fans. Instead, air around the food is heated in order to cook it. The problem with this oven type is that it can result in uneven cooking/bakin
Convection Ovens
Unlike the conventional oven, convection ovens come with a fan at the back. This helps to circulate the heated air throughout the oven and ensures that the food will be cooked more evenly, resulting in faster cooking time that consumes less power.
Self-cleaning Ovens
Yes, the future is here! Self-cleaning ovens are not things of a distant future anymore. There are two types that exist in the market: Pyrolytic (locks itself and heats up to around 500 degree Celsius, converting food residue into ash that you can wipe away once it cools) and Catalytic Liners (these liners are usually found at the side and/or back walls of the oven. They will absorb fat splatters which you can clean by heating the oven to 250 degree Celsius for an hour to burn off the splatters before wiping them with a damp cloth when they are cool. Though, you will have to replace the liners periodically).
Steam Ovens
These ovens are perfect for health-conscious people. The oven uses steam to cook food, ensuring that fewer nutrients are lost. The downside to them is that they are expensive and also aren’t capable for giving your food a variation of color and/or texture. So if you want your potatoes to be crisp, you will need to use another oven or cooking method.

    Use Ovens Hong Kong in order to Enhance Your Cooking Experience

    Create yummy baked goods with these awesome ovens from brands like Elba, Electrolux and Khind. Bake lovely breads and cakes or even grill a chicken, the options are endless with our modern day ovens. If you are moving into a new home or find your kitchen lacking of things that will let you be the next Jamie Oliver, then have a look at the Appliances section for things that will be a value-added addition to your home.

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