Regarded as one of the modern necessities in your life, stoves are the tools that you need to prepare and cook your delicious meals. Since there are so many of them in the market, it can be easy to be spoilt for choices. Take a deep breath and browse through to learn more about different types before getting the stove that suits your lifestyle. Read more about stoves in Hong Kong below to find out.


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Simple Things that You Should Know Before Getting A Stove

Even though you do not know whether you will cook regularly, it is always good to have a stove ready in your home or office. It gives you the convenience of preparing and cooking meal without thinking too hard. However, there are many types of stoves in the market, not to mention about other different brands as well. This is why it is important to understand few simple things before getting your stove. This is an essential guide that you should read before getting the perfect stove to serve your needs.

Types of Stoves

These are some of the most popular stoves that you can find in the market. Needless to say, it is very important to know its advantages and disadvantages of each type before finally deciding on the cooking stove that you need for your kitchen.

Gas Stoves

Basically, the gas stoves operate on natural gas or propane. The gas stoves are also favored by serious-minded cooks because the gas stoves offer precision and control when it comes to preparing and cooking a meal. In other words, they can give you the convenience of adjusting the heat level in cooking. Furthermore, the gas stoves give you the advantage of visual monitoring of the flame. As such, this can be really handy especially when you want to achieve the desired result. In the past, the burners on the gas stoves are difficult to clean. Nowadays, there are amazing gas stoves that are easy to clean and maintain at the same time.

Electric Stoves

Utilizing the power of electricity, the electric stoves are said to be more environmentally friendly especially when you compare with the gas stoves above. It is easier for you to reduce the temperature to lower levels. Available in either simple coil version or the sophisticated smooth-top type, the electric stoves are wonderful additions to your kitchen. However, the disadvantage of using electric stoves is they do not enjoy the same level of control that is offered by the gas stoves. In addition, the cooking surface can be slow to heat up or cool down. You only need to use flat-bottomed cookware when using electric stoves.

Induction Stoves

While the induction stoves use electricity as well, the main difference is that they use the electromagnets as the cooking elements. As these electromagnets are placed under the smooth cooking surface, they generate resistance when electricity passes through them. Eventually, this resistance heats up the magnetic cookware which is placed on the cooking surface. The cooking surface actually remains cool during the cooking process. When you use non-magnetic cookware, the end result will be a waste of electricity since there is no heat transfer that is involved in it. Overall, the induction stoves have been said to represent the best of both gas and electric stoves alike. The only disadvantages are their high price and you need to use flat-bottomed magnetic cookware in order for the induction stoves to cook properly.