Don’t like the soft feeling of normal bread? Crave for crunchiness and chewiness at the same time? You need a toaster! Toasters are for bread slices to be inserted into slots in the top of a pop-up toaster, which then the bread will be toast in one to three minutes by using electric-heating elements. In iprice Malaysia, you can find your desired toaster! Click here to learn more!


A Toast, to The Toaster!

History and a Little Bit of Toast on the Side, Please!

A toaster, which is also known as a toast maker, is a small electrical device designed to toast slices of bread by heating them with radiant heat to harden. This small electric device is invented in Scotland in 1893 and later in 1919 they introduced the automatic mechanism to stop the toasting and push the sliced breads upward and were known as the “pop-up toaster”.

Starting in the 2000s, toasters can be controlled and can be adjusted on how much the appliance toasts the bread. Besides that, “Texas toast” are introduced when the pop-up toasters with wider slots have been manufactured which enables them to toast bagelscut in half the size. The four-slice toasters are then introduced and it was then a trend for toasters during the 2000s.

Three Famous Types of Toasters

The well-known toasters are the pop-up toasters, toasterovens, and conveyor toasters. Consumers would choose a toaster type based on the usage for home use. Pop-up toasters are good at making evenly toasted toast whereas toaster ovens cancookand bake. Conveyor belt toasters are usually used when toast needs to be made in larger quantities in industrial catering environments like in restaurants.

Pop-up Toasters
How do we use pop-up toasters? Well, press the lever on the side of the toaster then eventually the toaster will be activated. When the internal device decides that the toasting process is complete, the toast pops up out of the slots as the toaster turns off. Heat sensor or variable time is the oftentimes-used methods to adjust the heat supplied. For this type of toaster, the pop-up toasters with two slices of bread slots are more purchased than those, which have four bread slots.
Toaster Ovens
Toaster ovens are small electric ovens with a wire rack and removable baking pan. The slices of bread that want to be toasted are placed on the rack till desired time. The other side of the toast will have untoasted stripes if the toast lies on bars in a toaster oven. When the toast is done, the toaster will automatically turn off but most commonly the door of the toaster oven will be opened manually. The toaster ovens can be used to cook toast with toppings as they take 4–6 minutes or longer as compared to pop-up toasters, which take 2–3 minutes.
Conveyor Toasters
Conveyor toasters are suitable for large-scaled usage and are generally used in the catering industry to make many slices of toast.

Toasters Hong Kong

A different toast, for people from different coasts. You can always many kinds and designs of toasters. The famous ones are the egg rolls toaster, the multi-function sandwich maker, sandwich grill and many more. Pick the best that suits you and toast away!