Some people say dress for the job you want, we say dress for the life you want. With Arc’teryx in your corner, you’ll always be ready for adventure. North Vancouver plays home and inspiration to the high-performance outdoor brand, so if the goods can pass tests in a Canadian winter - you know they’re good. Think waterproof jackets that could save your life and sneakers that could win you the race. Learn more about Arc’teryx HK below.


Going Back to The Mountain Wilderness with Arc’teryx Hong Kong

Founded in North Vancouver, British Columbia, at the foot of the rough, coarse mountains, lies Arc'teryx, a high-performance climbing equipment company with a never-ending commitment to design, craftsmanship, and performance. Originally named Rock Solid Manufacturing by the two founders, Dave Lane and Jeremy Guard in 1989, the company started as a manufacturer of fine quality climbing gear, using a technology that combines heat and lamination, called thermo-lamination.

Later, the two partners designed and marketed the Vapor harness, which became the company's popular item. The Vapor harness is a 360° climbing harness, made using the same thermo-lamination technology, raising the standard for comfort, agility, and performance. In the second year of operations, the company released the award-winning Bora series Backpack using the same Vapor technology. As the company needed a larger space for manufacturing purposes, the company relocated its headquarters to Burnaby, British Columbia, in 1999 before moving the head office again to North Vancouver.

The founders decided to change the name of the brand and named after a dinosaur fossil, specifically "ARCHAEOPTERYX LITHOGRAPHICA", the first reptile that develops bird-like feathers for flight. Today, the brand's headquarters are still located in North Vancouver, although most of the products are manufactured in Burnaby, British Columbia.

With the advanced knowledge, thermo-lamination technology and high-quality materials used, the brand's mission is to develop garment and climbing gear that allows users to perform confidently at the point of extreme need. Arc'teryx features various products to suit different customers' needs and styles such as climbing harnesses, premium mountain and snow sports backpacks footwear, accessories and outerwear.

Strict Quality Control

At Arc'teryx, the brand uses high-quality materials to construct climbing gears and outdoor garments. The brand's system of quality control gives them the confidence that all manufactured products are measured by the brand's standards. Quality and integrity can only be fulfilled through effective partnership with factories and suppliers. The "Made by Arc'teryx" label on all of Arc'teryx's products represents it as being of the premium quality available, worthy of the brand's lifetime warranty.

Many of our production processes involve equipment that we have developed ourselves and methods that are not used by other brands. Before the construction work begins, rolls of fabric that will be used during the construction will be cut and inspected thru to detect flaws in the manufacture, to make sure that the colour of the fabric is consistent and the labelling is correct. Each lot of the fabric can be tracked in the event of any future faults and defects from the original manufacturer using a standardized system of grading and approval.

Components such as drawcord, grommets, snaps, cuff tabs, and toggles are stitched by hand and are examined by each individual worker as these items are installed on the product. These components are then tested for waterproofness. By this time, the components are constantly inspected thoroughly by various operators and quality controls personnel.

Additional components such as zippers, seams and pockets are 100% examined, and the garment, pack or harness must go through a final quality control check to make sure that the final product is free from any flaws or defects of any kind. After the final stage of quality control, the product is then packed and sent to the wholesale and retail stores. Each product produced has its own batch number and it can be traced back to verify the fabric batch and the manufacture date of the product.

Facts That You Didn’t Know About Arcteryx HK

  • Each apparel designed and produced by Arc'teryx has a category modifier. These modifiers help to categorize according to the type of garment meant to withstand different weather conditions, different environments, and different uses.
  • Vancouver remains as Arc'teryx largest outdoor apparel factory, where most of the products and technical novelty innovations have been born. The factory currently houses 250 employees, working hard to produce high-quality Arc'teryx products.
  • Arc'teryx strives to reduce environmental impact through the products the brand designs and make. The brand's environmental initiatives are mainly structured to tackle the footprint and the components of the brand's product and materials.

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Is Arc’teryx a good brand?

Arc’teryx is pretty much the best brand for outdoor clothing out there. Its products are durable, and they put great attention to the details so that it will be long-lasting.

Is Arc’teryx made in China?

Arc’teryx officially stated that about a third of their products are made in Canada, Burnaby, a third are made in China and a third are made in a combination of Indonesia and Bangladesh. Most of the jackets are made in either Canada or China.

Why is Arc’teryx so expensive?

It is no secret that Arc’teryx products last for years and are extremely well-made. The products are not just well-made in regards to manufacturing and overall construction, but in terms of design as well. Their technical pieces perform astonishingly and the quality of stitching, reinforcement and seam taping is so high that very few brands can really compare, let alone outdo them. So if you look at a product that is impeccable in its quality of manufacture, it speaks for itself why the price tag is high.