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Art Book Hong Kong: Your Premier Source of Art, Photography, Design and Aesthetic Culture

Art Book Hong Kong: The World’s Largest Distributor of Art Books

Art Book is a brand of books revolving around works of art, photography, design and visual culture that are published by Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. (also known as D.A.P.). D.A.P. was founded in 1990 by Sharon Helgason Gallagher, previously the rights director and managing editor at Abbeville Press. In a time when it was hard for international art books to make their way into the American marketplace, the company paved a way for such books to make their way to the shelves of bookstores. The company grew and became known as America’s premier source for books on art, photography, design and visual culture. For the past two decades, D.A.P. has been the exclusive distributor for some of the most stunning seminal publications. Other than being a distributor, D.A.P. also has a small in-house publishing program as well as partners with other publishers for amazing art books.

Then, in the mid-1990s, as the Internet begun to grow, D.A.P. begun its very own website to sell books directly to its consumers. Then, in 2008, the company named its web operation as Art Book (known also as ARTBOOK). Other than distributing its books through the Internet, the company also sells its products via bookstores, museum shops, high-end gift stores, wholesalers and book fairs.

Art Book Hong Kong: Where Imagination and Creativity comes to Life

Art Book is the webstore for D.A.P. and is home to many art books as well as museum catalogues (after all, there are more museums in the U.S. as compared to the combined number of Starbucks and McDonalds). If you are a lover of art, then you will definitely appreciate the books that Art Book has to offer. Here is a short list of Art Book’s bestsellers that you could invest in:

The Anatomical Venus
This book explores medical models from the history of medicine that is a seductive combination of beauty, eroticism and death: the Anatomical Venus. This particular artifact was created as a way to teach human anatomy, as well as connect the relationship between art and science, nature and mankind. Today, the artifact is seen as an intriguing, and yet confounding, item that messes the divide between life and death, body and soul. This book explores both the past and present representation of the artifact as well as raises interesting questions about science, religion, beauty, desire and art.
We Go to the Gallery
Remember those very old British Ladybird books that was used in some kindergartens to teach children English? Well, this book is a parody of the early learning children’s books from the 1960s. We Go to the Gallery depicts the struggles of parents when taking their children to a gallery and having explain the artwork to them. It is a hilarious twist on an old children’s literature book that is definitely not meant for children to read.
Edgar Degas: A Strange Beauty
This book explores the beauty of 19th century painter, Edgar Degas. He worked and experimented on the monotype process, a technique that was introduced in the mid-1870s and involved an artist drawing in ink on a metal plate before running the plate through a press to result in a single print. The book showcases Edgar Degas’s brilliant experiments with the monotype process on a variety of subjects that range from city dwellers to café singers. His works have been studied by many curators, scholars and conservator, each exploring the creativeness of Degas’s monotypes.
Mina Stone: Cooking for Artists
Mina Stone is a breath of delicious air in the world of art. This book showcases the beautiful meals that Mina Stone has produced for various lunches and private gallery dinners. Not only that, the book contains family-style recipes that are inspired by Stone’s Greek heritage and her passion for fresh, seasonal food.

    Art Book Hong Kong: An Ode to Imagination, Creativity and Art

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