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Art Service Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet (2016) (2DVD) (Normal Edition) (Korea Version) at 280.00 HKD from YesAsia
Art Service Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet (2016) (2DVD) (Normal Edition) (Korea Version)
HK$ 280.00
Director Lee Joon Ik (The Throne) and screenwriter Shin Yeon Shick (The Russian Novel) depict the life and times of famous poet Yoon Dong Ju in the acclaimed biopic Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet. Set during the Japanese colonial period, the film stars Kang Ha Neul (Twenty) as the introspective young poet and Park Jung Min (Tinker Ticker) as his rash activist cousin, both of whom would become intertwined with the resistance movement. The black-and-white drama garnered the Grand Prize as well as Best New Actor for Park Jung Min at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards.

Under Japanese colonial rule, the use of Korean language is prohibited. Poet Yoon Dong Ju (Kang Ha Neul) plans to publish poems about his harsh life but his project is banned by the Japanese administration. Seeing his incredible writing talents, a Japanese professor suggests that Dong Ju publish the poems in English. However, before finishing his work, Dong Ju and his cousin Song Mong Kyu (Park Jung Min) are imprisoned for taking part in the Korean independence movement.

This edition comes with special features including video commentary, deleted scenes, production videos, poster shooting, music video, poetry collection, photo commentary and trailers.

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Art Service Punch (Blu-ray) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version) at 272.00 HKD from YesAsia
Art Service Punch (Blu-ray) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)
HK$ 272.00
A rebellious high school loner meets his match in an even more rebellious and eccentric teacher in the critically acclaimed blockbuster Punch from Lover's Concerto director Lee Han. Award-winning actor Kim Yoon Seok (Yellow Sea) and Yoo Ah In (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) star in this oddball, down-to-earth drama about coming of age and coming to terms with life's curious turns. Based on a novel by Kim Ryeo Ryeong, Punch became a big hit at the Korean box office, dealing warmly and realistically with family, adolescent, and social issues, while maintaining a tenacious sense of cheeky humor. Not everything and everyone fit in or make sense in the world of Punch, and that's exactly what struck a chord with audiences.

Pessimistic loner Wan Deuk (Yoo Ah In) doesn't care much about school, and is quick to throw a fist if anyone bullies his father (Park Soo Young). He has the misfortune of living right next door to his straight-talking homeroom teacher Dong Joo (Kim Yoon Seok), who is unconventional, unkempt, and constantly singles him out. It's a headache for Wan Deuk every time Dong Joo yells his name - and he sure does it often. Dong Joo simply won't let Wan Deuk be. Instead, he keeps pushing him, convincing Wan Deuk to train in boxing and to meet his estranged Filipina mother (Filipina-Korean actress Jasmine Lee, who was elected into South Korea's National Assembly in 2012).

This edition comes with commentary, making-of features, deleted scenes, poster shoot, trailer, gallery, and other special features.

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