ASUS keyboards are top-of-the-line peripherals that boost the productivity of computer users. If you're in the market for one, here are some tips on how to keep it in mint condition. You can also check out the latest ASUS keyboards below!

Asus Sagaris GK100 Gaming Keyboard, 7 Colour Led Backlighting, 23 Anti Keycaps feature polyoxymethylene (Pom) rings for enhanced durability 23 anti-ghosting keys Anti-spill water flow channel Selectable 7-colour backlight with colour-cycling mode 4mm of key travel for tactile, responsive keystrokes 12 handy shortcut keys for common apps, plus a Start menu lock The Asus Sagaris Gk100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard is a membrane keyboard with durable backlit keys. Gk100 has a design that echoes that of the Asus G11 gaming desktop, with red markings across the keyboard chassis. Each key features a polyoxymethylene (Pom) ring to reduce abrasion between the keycaps and the base of the housing. This special feature enhances durability, giving each key a 20-million-keystroke lifespan. Each key has 4mm of key travel for tactile, responsive keystrokes. Unlike most membrane keyboards, Gk100 features anti-ghosting on 23 of the most commonly-used keys. And to keep things visually interesting, it also features a 7-color backlight with cycle mode. And if you happen to spill your drink over the keyboard, a special water flow channel ensures water is directed away from the rubber dome of the keys, exiting through two drainage holes underneath the keyboard. Specification Connection: USB Wired/Wireless: Wired Mechanical: No Switch Lifecycle: 20-million-keystroke lifespan #Hide#LED Lighting: Yes Hot Keys: 12 shortcut keys Low Profile: No Spill Resistant: Yes Colour: Black Additional Features: See Overview Dimensions/Weight: 466 x 185 x 30mm Package Type: Retail Package Weight: 1.0620 kg Warranty: 2 Years HK$ 364.11
Asus Tuf Gaming K5 Mech-brane Gaming Keyboard, Extended Durability, Sp Asus TUF Gaming K5 RGB keyboard with tactile Mech-Brane key switches, specialised coating for extended durability, spill-resistance and Aura Sync lighting Tactile TUF Gaming Mech-Brane key switches and anti-ghosting with 24-key rollover for responsive, reliable performance Validated for tough duty, with a specialsied coating for extended durability and spill-resistance for everyday gaming Five individually customisable Asus Aura Sync RGB illumination zones with cross-device synchronisation for infinite lighting possibilities Dedicated media keys on the upper-left for instant volume adjustments without disrupting your game Integrated ergonomic wrist rest and two-level angle adjustment for optimal comfort Fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording and onboard memory for personalized gameplay Armoury II utility with extensive controls and an intuitive UI for easy settings to make the keyboard your own TUF Gaming K5 TUF Gaming K5 keyboard delivers uncompromising performance and exceptional durability. Equipped with TUF Gaming Mech-Brane key switches that are engineered to deliver crisp tactility with every press, get ready to experience an all-new gaming sensation. The switches are housed in a spill-resistant frame that's fortified by a specialised coating and validated for tough duty. K5 also features customisable Aura Sync RGB lighting for personalised style, dedicated media keys positioned on the left for easy access, and an integrated ergonomic wrist rest for extended comfort. TUF Gaming Mech-Brane Switches Tuned to combine the desirable aspects of both mechanical and membrane key switches, TUF Gaming K5 debuts Mech-Brane switches that deliver a new gaming sensation: crisp, tactile clicks coupled with a quiet and soft cushioned touch. The full-height keys with 3.7mm travel distance offer swift and responsive actuations, while anti-ghosting and 24-key rollover ensures actions are reliably registered. Specialised Coating With Spill-Resistance Inside and out, TUF Gaming K5 is built to provide years of service on the frontline. Its outer shell features a specialised coating that's fortified to withstand a battery of more than 10 stringent abrasion, friction, and perspiration tests. And spill-resistance up to 60ml ensures that accidents with cans or cups won't kill the action. Rubber Friction Test General Reliability Test: 200 cycles TUF Gaming Coating Test: 300 cycles RCA Abrasion Wear Test General Reliability Test: 10 cycles TUF Gaming Coating Test: 50 cycles Sweat Test General Reliability Test: 50oC TUF Gaming Coating Test: 75oC Aura Sync RGB Lighting Aura Sync gives you the freedom to personalise TUF Gaming K5 across five individually customisable zones, using the entire colour spectrum and various lighting effects. Large-font keycaps let more light through, so each character is bright and easy to see. And the illumination is easily synchronised with the extensive Aura Sync ecosystem, so it's a breeze to create a truly unique gaming den. Dedicated Media Keys Control your audio without being distracted from the game. Dedicated media keys positioned on the upper left allow you to easily adjust volume using your keyboard hand, without ever lifting your trigger finger off the mouse. Ergonomic Wrist Rest And Adjustable Legs With adjustable legs that provide two height positions and an integrated wrist rest, TUF Gaming K5 is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort. Fully Programmable With Onboard Memory TUF Gaming K5 features fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording support so you can configure your keyboard for personalised play. And onboard memory lets you take your keyboard on the road and have your settings available wherever you go. Armoury II Armoury II is driver-based software that offers extensive controls and an intuitive UI so you can easily tune TUF Gaming K5 to play your way. Create profiles, customise colours and lighting effects, map keys, record macros and more. You can even track hardware stats during gameplay for entertaining data analysis. Specification Connection: USB Wired/Wireless: Wired Mechanical: No Key Switches: Mech-Brane key switches Specialised coating for extended durability Built-in Memory: Yes #Hide#LED Lighting: Yes Hot Keys: WinLock Hotkey Profile Hotkey Lighting Mode Hotkey Macro Hotkey Reset Hotkey N-Key Rollover: 24-key rollover LED Lighting: 5 individually customisable Aura Sync RGB illumination zones Low Profile: No Spill Resistant: Yes Colour: Black Additional Features: See Overview Dimensions/Weight: L 460 x W 218 x H 40 mm 1050 g Package Contents: 1 x gaming keyboard 1 x user documentation Package Type: Retail Package Weight: 1.4370 kg Warranty: 2 Years HK$ 836.18

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Tips for Cleaning Your Keyboard with ASUS Hong Kong

There are instances when we forget to examine our keyboards every once in a while, making us miss the fact that it has become covered with grime, crumbs, and soda stains. If you decide to clean and sanitize your keyboard to eliminate that nasty dirt and bacteria, worry not because you can remove all of it effectively in just a few steps.

Eliminate Loose Debris

First, turn off your computer. If you’re using a wired desktop keyboard like ASUS Cerberus, unplug it. After that, tilt the keyboard upside down and shake it to get rid of any loose debris. You can also use a can of compressed air and spray it in between the keys.

Clean and Sanitize the Keys

  • Soak a cotton swab in some rubbing alcohol and rub it in the surrounding areas of each key. If the keys appear to be covered in a layer of dirt, then you may need to use multiple swabs. When it comes to the alcohol you will be using, make sure you know its strength. Otherwise, you can try rubbing it on small unnoticeable areas first to ensure that it doesn't discolor or eliminate the lettering on the keys.
  • Once done, soak a cloth in the rubbing alcohol and rub it on the surfaces all the keys. Make sure to rub heavily used keys like the space bar and Enter key to get rid of grime build-up.
  • To polish the keyboard, use a dry, lint-free cloth to eliminate dust.
  • After that, you can plug your device back in if you’re using a wired desktop keyboard.
  • Cleaning your keyboard a few times a week will keep it in mint condition and stay virtually germ-free.

Take off and Clean the Keys

  • Most desktop keyboard letter keys like those from ASUS Hong Kong are created to allow you to take them off with a blunt tool such as a butter knife or screwdriver. Pry off each key by using one of these tools. If you can't figure out the model of your desktop computer, contact your device's manufacturer to determine whether key removal is supported by your device. This will prevent damaging your keyboard.
  • After you're finished removing the keys, clean them with water and soap or soak them in alcohol to eliminate dirt.
  • Once done, dry the keys by wrapping them in a towel.

Clean the Trenches of your Keyboard

  • With most of the keys removed, you should have better access to the area underneath. Get rid of dust and dirt in the trenches by thoroughly blowing them out with compressed air or vacuum.
  • Soak a cloth into alcohol and wipe it along the surfaces underneath.

Assemble the Keyboard

  • Once the keys are totally dry, put them back into place. With a small amount of pressure, you'll be able to snap back each key on the device. If you forget the placement of each key, go check a keyboard map.
  • Do a final wipe with a dry cloth.
  • After that, you can plug the device back in if you’re using a wired desktop keyboard.
  • Turn on your computer and test each key; make sure you're not holding anything that can make the keys dirty, such as food.

Aside from applying the tips mentioned above, check out ASUS’ impressive collection of Zenbook keyboards.