Looking for advanced smartphones sold at wallet-friendly prices? Then you have landed on the right page. Typically known for its laptops, Asus HK provides a wide selection of smartphones in its inventory that offers remarkable value for the price you pay. Find out what Asus has to offer in terms of smartphones below.


Asus HK Smartphones - Bringing Quality to Your Hands

Asus (華碩) is a brand in the smartphone industry that is known for bringing advanced technology at the lowest prices available in the market. Despite being known for its laptops, the brand is now building a name for itself in the smartphone world. Asus has managed to achieve commendable success in Hong Kong for their smartphones, which is not surprising from a tech giant like Asus. Today, the brand offers a wide selection of smartphones in its inventory which is designed to fulfill the needs and wants of the consumers in Hong Kong.

Combining a futuristic design with functionality and features that make your life convenient, Asus smartphones bring out only the best in mobile technology. The signature Asus series of smartphones is known as the Zenfone line. Let's check out what Asus HK has to offer in terms of its Zenfone line of smartphones.

Asus HK brings out the best in smartphones with the Zenfone models

With so many smartphone options to choose from nowadays, why should you go for a Zenfone? What are the advantages offered by a Zenfone model that you should consider investing in it? These are the questions that you might have. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing a Zenfone unit the next time you want to change your phone.


The most practical reason why the Asus Zenfone models have become popular amongst Hong Kong consumers is their price tag. Compared to the phones offered by Samsung and Apple, the Zenfone series are much more affordable, therefore providing more bang for your buck. In fact, each handset in this series is only a fraction of the price compared to other big brands, despite offering specs and features that can stand toe-to-toe with their higher-end counterparts.


Speaking of offering more value for your money, the Zenfone phones are feature-filled models that are equipped with cutting-edge technologies. The Zenfone models are typically marketed at the mid-range segment but their innovative features enable them to compete with phones that are sold at higher price brackets. Whether it is efficient power consumption or advanced photography capabilities, Asus HK designs the Zenfone units to exceed expectations and redefine smartphone boundaries.

Zen UI

Another big advantage to Zenfone models is their user interface. Being able to navigate through the phone apps easily is a benefit that any smartphone user can appreciate. Thankfully, the Zen UI does just that. The Zen UI, the main user interface in Zenfone phones effectively consolidates all the apps and functions into a user-friendly layout so that users have easy access to them. Moreover, Zen UI is also programmed to display apps that have recently used. This can come in handy as it helps Hong Kong users with busy schedules to save time and effort of going through apps individually.

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