SALE ATOPALM ulti Balm 25g Brand from South Korea: Atopalm. Formulated with EWG Green levels 1-2 ingredients. Skin irritation test completed; suitable for baby s delicate skin. Active ingredients: Centella Asiatica extract to calm sensitive and troubled skin, leaving skin smooth and vibrant; madecassoside to soothe tired and irritated skin for healthy and soft skin. Enriched with grape seed oil to nourish and hydrate skin, Safflower seed oil to retain moisture in skin, green tea seed oil to soothe tired skin, sunflower seed oil to boost the skin's ability to absorb, and jojoba seed oil to hydrate and protect skin with vitamins and minerals. Adheres well without stickiness. How to use: 1. This Multi Balm melts at body temperature. Take a moderate amount with clean hands and apply to sensitive and dry skin, such as face, the area around lips, cheeks, hands, and elbow. Face: 1. Before sleep, apply to fragile and dry skin such as cheeks and lips; apply to irritated skin for an instant soothing effect. 2. Before applying foundation or BB cream, apply a moderate amount of Multi Balm to enhance the adhesion of your makeup, leaving a moisturizing finish. 3. To moisturize dry lips, coat your lips with Multi Balm and cover with a plastic wrap. Leave it overnight; mix with lipstick products to make your own lip tint or lip balm. 4. Mix with powder blusher to get your own cream blusher. Body: 1. DIY hand/ foot mask: before sleep, apply a generous amount to hands and feet. Wear cotton gloves/ socks and leave it overnight; use Multi Balm for hand/ foot massage; nourish and moisturize your cuticles with Multi Balm. 2. Smoothen dead skin cells on fingers/ toes and elbow/ ankles by applying Multi Balm. Special: 1. Apply to the tip of your hair to nourish and moisture hair. 2. Apply to skin to tackle seasonal skin changes. HK$ 137.88 HK$ 172.35 −20%

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