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Undeniably, the audio products have continued to shape our lives since they offer immersive audio experience. Read more audio & hi fi Hong Kong below to find out.


Mobile Speakers


Small IN Size, BUT NOT Subtle IN Sound The Stanmore is a compact active stereo speaker that yields clean and precise sound even at high levels. Stanmore’s classic design is a throwback to the golden days of rock’n’roll; and its analogue interaction knobs give you custom control of your music. Hook it up wirelessly via the latest version of Bluetooth®; featuring aptX technology®; use the RCA input to plug in your record player, or simply connect the coil cord that’s included to your phone using the 3.5mm auxiliary input. The Stanmore is also compatible with devices with optical output, like Apple TV. The Stanmore comes with two standby modes, powersaver and standard, to minimize your speaker’s environmental impact when not actively in use. Classic Marshall Design Details The Stanmore features a classic Marshall design, with a vintage-looking front fret, gold-coloured metal details, and that iconic script logo. 3.5Mm Input & Double Ended Cable Inspired by the golden days of rock’n’roll; this coiled double-ended stereo cable with two 3.5mm plugs is a modern take on the classic telephone guitar cord cable. Kink-free and extendable, it’s your music device’s connection to a world of great sound. Bluetooth Connectivity Use your Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer to stream music directly to your Stanmore with no wires attached. RCA Input Some of your music knew a time before Bluetooth. That’s why the Stanmore enables you to go analogue and connect to those devices that may be collecting dust in your basement. So come on, dust off your CD player or turntable (with Riaa) and connect via the RCA input. This input can also be used with your Sonos unit. Optical Input The Stanmore is all about modern listening capability. That’s why we added the option of connecting digitally via an optical cable. Hook your Stanmore up to your TV, Apple TV, Airport express, hard disk player, streaming play and satellite or cable receiver. Optical works with PCM stereo only. ALL About THE Sound Stanmore may be a compact stereo speaker, but its sound is nothing short of large. Built with advanced components that deliver an accurate response throughout the frequency range, the stanmore packs a punch without compromising the details.The sound is rich and articulate across the entire spectrum, from the deep and powerful bass, throughout the midrange and on to the highest highs. The overall effect is brilliantly reproduced music, full of energy and drive. Adjustable bass and treble dials provide you with custom control, so your music always sounds just how you like it.


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 Original Q7 Magic Karaoke Microphone Phone KTV Player Wireless Condenser Bluetooth MIC Speaker Record Music For Iphone Android at 234.00 HKD from Mini In The Box
Original Q7 Magic Karaoke Microphone Phone KTV Player Wireless Condenser Bluetooth MIC Speaker Record Music For Iphone Android
HK$ 234.00 HK$ 269.00
Type:Wireless; Use:Karaoke Microphone; Style:Handheld Microphone; Element:Condenser Microphone; Connection:USB; Color:Gold,Pink,Black; SNR(dB):>115; Dimension(cm):2478; Brand:Q7; Production mode:Self-produce

Audio & Hi Fi Accessories

Voice Recorders

Digital Voice Recorder Low-noise directional stereo microphones Intelligent Auto Mode adjusts the recording levels 8GB Built-in memory Built-in USB connector Built-in Stand Low-cut Filter eliminates lower-frequency noise Ideal dictation device tool for meetings and more. With high-performance stereo recording and smart functionality, the new Ws-853 digital voice recorder is sure to become your ultimate business partner. Particularly the Noise Cancel function is ideal for crisper, clearer playback quality with any audio recording in any situation. Stereo feeling in every recording. The low-noise directional stereo microphones with a 90° layout deliver a superb stereo feeling – enabling you to feel even the smallest details of the meeting. Regardless of where the person speaking is located or the direction of speech, you can clearly capture the information. Does the adjusting for you. To make listening to your recordings more comfortable, Intelligent Auto Mode automatically adjusts the recording level to match the volume of the sound source. When a speaker is talking very loudly, the recorder reduces the input level, and for soft voices the recorder increases the input level – to always provide an even level of volume. Made for beginners. Just as perfect for advanced. With two different display modes, you can use your voice recorder even if you are a beginner. Simple Mode displays only essential information in large font and limits the menu options to frequently-used functions. For advanced users, full functionality of menu options is available in Normal Mode. The simplest way to save data. Save data easily and conveniently with the built-in USB connector. Simply slot it into your PC or Mac to transfer voice recordings from the device to an external hard disk drive. You can also use it like a USB stick to share documents. For the Ws-853, the USB connector has an additional internal battery charge function for further peace of mind. Micro SD Card Slot For microSD/SDHC cards up to 32Gb. Built-In Stand Convenient for desktop recording. Technical Info Shadowing Learn foreign languages with ease. Speech Shadowing is an effective way to learn a foreign language - allowing you to repeat what you hear right after hearing it. This mode combines audio playback with silent playback in succession to help you easily learn any language. Noise Cancel Enjoy crisp, clear playback. Ideal for recording meetings, the Noise Cancel function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient sounds for crisper, clearer playback quality. Built-in Memory: 8 GB (Max. Recording Time: 2080 hours) External Memory: microSD / Sdhc (up to 32Gb) Recording Format: MP3 Power: Alkaline Battery

MP3 Players

PC Audio


Home Theater

Compact Systems


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Argento Subwoofer Headphone at 205.00 HKD from YesStyle
Argento Subwoofer Headphone
HK$ 205.00 HK$ 256.00
Brand from China: Argento. Color: Gold, Materials: N/a, Size: N/a, Care: Wipe Clean
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Argento Vibration Subwoofer Headphone at 274.00 HKD from YesStyle
Argento Vibration Subwoofer Headphone
HK$ 274.00 HK$ 342.00
Brand from China: Argento. Color: Black & Silver, Materials: N/a, Size: N/a, Care: Wipe Clean

Studio Equipment

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 15x17cm Portable Flash Softbox Diffuser SpeedLight For Canon Nikon at 55.00 HKD from Mini In The Box
15x17cm Portable Flash Softbox Diffuser SpeedLight For Canon Nikon
HK$ 55.00 HK$ 86.00
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 3 Colour Pop up Flash Diffuser for Nikon Canon Sony Pentax at 24.00 HKD from Mini In The Box
3 Colour Pop up Flash Diffuser for Nikon Canon Sony Pentax
HK$ 24.00 HK$ 39.00
Accessory Type:Diffuser; Compatible Brands:Universal; Compatible Models:Universal; Flash Brand:Other


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 Mini Digital Audio Amplifier Board - Green at 24.00 HKD from Mini In The Box
Mini Digital Audio Amplifier Board - Green
HK$ 24.00 HK$ 39.00
Type:Sensor; Sensor Function:Sound; Dimension(cm):220.3; Net Weight(kg):0.006; Model:DH-1001
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 Lm386 Chip 200 Gain Audio Amplifier Module - Blue for Arduino DIY at 18.00 HKD from Tomtop
Lm386 Chip 200 Gain Audio Amplifier Module - Blue for Arduino DIY
HK$ 18.00
Features: Onboard Lm386 chip. 200 Gain of circuit design. Onboard speaker terminal blocks. Onboard 10K adjustable resistance, you can adjust the volume of amplification. Chips are pin has been drawn, you can directly input audio signal.

MP4 Players

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GM 01 Solid Color High Quality LCD with SD Card Slot MP4 Player (Assorted Colors) at 78.00 HKD from Mini In The Box
GM 01 Solid Color High Quality LCD with SD Card Slot MP4 Player (Assorted Colors)
HK$ 78.00 HK$ 133.00
Languages:English; Type:MP3; Color:Blue,Orange,Silver,Purple,Green,Red,Black,Golden; Dimensions (L x W x D, mm):402510; Net Weight (Kg):0.12; Audio Formats:MP3; Audio Recording:Voice; Video Formats:MP4; Video Recording:MP4; Images Formats:JPEG; E-book Formats:BRM; Memory Type:Flash Memory; Display Type:LCD; Display Resolution:320x240; Battery Type:Rechargeable Li-ion Battery; Recharge Time:3hours; Control Type:Button; External Hard Drive Connection Type:USB; Headphones Jack:3.5mm Stereo Jack; Additional Features:Playlists Supported; What's in the box:1 x User Manual,1 x USB Cable,1 x MP3 Player
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 Portable 8GB 4G Slim Mp3 Mp4 Player With 1.8
Portable 8GB 4G Slim Mp3 Mp4 Player With 1.8" LCD Screen FM Radio Video Games Movie
HK$ 117.00 HK$ 195.00
Languages:Simplified Chinese,English; Type:MP3/MP4; Dimensions (L x W x D, mm):1045; Net Weight (Kg):0.06; Audio Formats:MP3; Audio Recording:Voice; Video Formats:MP4; Video Recording:MP4; Images Formats:JPEG; E-book Formats:TXT; Memory Capacity:8GB; Display Type:LCD; Display Resolution:400x240; Control Type:Button; Additional Features:Playlists Supported,E-Book,FM Radio; What's in the box:1 x USB Cable,1 x MP3 Player,1 x User Manual,1 x Earphone


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 12V 40W Universal Scooters Waterproof Audio System Speaker with LED Display / TF Card Slot / USB Port / FM Radio at 283.00 HKD from Tomtop
12V 40W Universal Scooters Waterproof Audio System Speaker with LED Display / TF Card Slot / USB Port / FM Radio
HK$ 283.00
Features: Supports FM radio bands. Can play music from TF card and USB flash drive. Can display radio frequency, player information and time. Built-in protective tube guards circuit. High sound quality, low power consumption.
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Groov-e Timecurve Alarm Clock Radio With Usb Charging Station Black Uk at 250.00 HKD from Nzgameshop
Groov-e Timecurve Alarm Clock Radio With Usb Charging Station Black Uk
HK$ 250.00
Wake up to your favourite radio station and start your day fully charged! The Time Curve acts as your alarm, radio and a USB charging station with a cradle conveniently placed for your phone to sit in. Digital alarm clock - wake to radio/buzzer with snooze function PLL FM stereo radio tuner with 20 station memory presets Soft lighting blue 0.6'' clock display Frosted front diffuser lens Display dimmer function (off, low, high) Top mounted USB port (1A) for charging devices (cable required) Cradle for mobiles Top mounted 3.5mm Aux-in Twin speaker stereo system 3W (2 x 1.5W) Cable management built-in at rear of unit Eco-Friendly: low power consumption AC operation (adaptor included)
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Audio & Hi Fi Hong Kong – Anticipating Audio Adventure Ahead

Getting Access to Popular Audio Brands

Whether you are just an avid listener or an audiophile, the demand for a powerful audio system is a valid one. In fact, you should get the most reliable audio brands so that you will not be disappointed when listening to your favorite songs or movies. As such, it is really important to get popular audio brands that are widely recognized for their products. Among the popular audio brands are Audio-Technica, harman kardon, JBL, Klipsch, Sennheiser, Phillips and Sony.

Audio & Hi Fi Products – Answering Your Need For Superb Audio Quality


Emphasizing portability and comfort at the same time, the headphones are designed for you to experience tantalizing audio adventure. For the on-ear headphones, you can just plug it in any compatible devices to enjoy listening to its fullest. Moreover, there is even wireless version of them so that you do not have to be bothered with the wiring. However, you should be getting noise cancelling headphones in order to embrace total audio immersion as they drown out other unwanted noises and sounds. Regarding in-ear headphones, these headphones are even more portable since you can fit them inside your pocket effortlessly. As if it is not enough, there is even headphone amplifiers that prove to be essential as you can carry them anywhere to complement and enhance the power of your headphones.

Mobile Speakers

With its portability as the main selling factor, the mobile speakers are the welcome additions to your on-the-go audio adventure. Yet, they are usually Bluetooth speakers as they are designed to be wireless. Despite being compact, they are able to present loud and clear audio quality. Impressively, some of these mobile speakers are even splashproof so you can bring them to any outdoor activities that involve water.

MP3 Players

Despite the golden age of MP3 players maybe over, the popularity of MP3 players makes them to be widely used to this day. Portable and entertaining at the same time, you can bring them around for comfort and convenience. Moreover, some of them also offer FM radio so that you can enjoy listening to radio while strolling.


If you require a powerful yet portable audio system, the soundbars are the things that you are looking for instead of installing a full surround sound system. As an excellent compromise, these thin and sleek soundbars can upgrade the overall audio quality without spending a lot. In fact, their designs seem to fit with the modern and minimalist interior design.

PC Audio

Even your PCs or laptops can be fitted with awesome audio products so that you can enjoy the best in watching movies or playing games. More often than not, you will notice such difference when you are able to experience such tantalizing audio experience that proves to be very immersive. As such, this is how you should your PC or laptop to its fullest.

Home Theatres

Employing powerful acoustic technology, the home theatres are the system that enables you to experience the best of surround sound system. Once you have set it up, you will feel completely different whenever you are watching movies or even YouTube videos. This is what happens when you bring cinema-grade audio power into your living room.

Immerse Yourself in Total Audio Experience

As it turns out, there are loads of audio products that you utilize in order to get the best audio performance. These products can be a good addition in upgrading your audio system to be better and more amazing at the same time.

From cables to storage cases, there are tons of accessories that you can use to complement as well as enhancing your audio system. Not just that, you also get other important accessories that allow your musical instruments such as guitars into one of the audio products like audio interface and others.
Despite the powerful performance of your audio system, you always need the amplifiers to enhance your audio to be more audible and clearer at the same time. As such, you will see their value when employing them as part of the overall audio setup.
Whether for making your voice to be more audible or recording purpose, the value of microphones is simply undeniable. Just as there is a lot of types of different microphones for different usages, so too you must know the difference and how to employ them effectively.
Voice Recorders
Portable and simple to use, the voice recorders prove to be incredible recording device that you can carry. Whether recording lectures, meeting, interviews or audio logs, the voice recorders are extremely versatile in many ways. Furthermore, the quality of the voice recorders can be said to be very impressive as they offer most intelligible and truest-to-life sound recording when compare them with other devices.
When it comes to enhancing your audio system with extra emphasis on bigger bass, you better call subwoofers to help you out. More than just bass and boom, the subwoofers add another layer of richness into the overall audio system.
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