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Types of Amplifiers in Hong Kong

To truly appreciate and understand a great pair of hi-fi speakers or headphones would require the user to have more than just the unit themselves. Aside from having a keen sense of sound, the listener would also need to have the proper equipment to boost the sound quality offered by speakers or headphones. This is because these higher end high fidelity speakers and headphones typically have a higher power requirement compared to lower end headphones or headphones that are mainly targeted towards the average consumer.

A Power Boost to your Audio

Audio amplifiers function as their name suggests: they amplify power. These devices channel more power through to your headphones or speakers, filling up the gaps in power where your source – where the sound comes from, usually your computer or TV – is unable to deliver enough power to your equipment. When there is not enough power to power a pair of headphones or speakers, the sound comes out soft and difficult to hear; it can also affect the sound of your equipment as it is unable to bring out the full potential of your headphones or speakers.

There are several easy ways to roughly tell if your speaker or headphones require an amplifier. On the packaging of headphones, you will see a term ‘Impedance’ on the specification list. A common headphone will have a very low impedance ranging from 8 to 16 ohms, which can be powered by your computer and smartphones easily, but typically anything more than that could do with a little help from an amplifier.

Speaker Amplifiers Hong Kong

Most common everyday speakers, especially those meant for computers, are called ‘active speakers’; this means that the speakers come with a built-in amplifier. For those that require an external amplifier are called passive speakers and are usually much better in sound. Speaker amplifiers such as those from Yamaha HK or Denon Hong Kong usually take up a little bit more space because it is usually made to power very large passive speakers at home. Pairing the right speakers with suitable amplifiers can properly unlock the full potential of your speakers for maximum enjoyment.

Headphone Amplifiers Hong Kong

Headphone amplifiers generally have two different uses: those set at home for listening on many higher-end headphones, and the portable ones for the headphone listeners on the road. Home headphone amplifiers from makers such as Sony are similar to the speaker amplifiers, being large and requiring a direct-current power.

Portable Amplifiers Hong Kong

Portable ones come in various sizes, from being as small as an iPod Nano to a larger size as that of a smartphone – Fiio, in particular, is a brand that makes a number of these. Portable amplifiers are powered by a battery and are commonly attached to digital music players or smartphones to provide an additional boost in power for listening to music on the go.