If you can't get enough of karaoke, bring them to your home with the hottest karaoke microphones in the Philippines. Sing 'til your heart's content and check out our selection of karaoke microphones or read more about why you everybody should try Karaoke below.


Why Everybody should Sing Karaoke

While westerners cringe at the thought of singing in public, Asians on the other hand, bask in the glory of the Karaoke. A karaoke is a form of entertainment in which you sing along a KTV or karaoke systems. This machine is usually hooked on to a TV which displays the lyrics of the song you are trying to sing. After the song is finished, it then rates how well you sang the song in a point system from 1 to 100. You can choose any song you want, regardless of the genre but usually, popular songs - both locally and internationally, are available within the library. There are many reasons why karaoke is so popular in Asia, particularly Hong Kong. Below are reasons why you should try out karaoke once.

Karaoke Helps Build Confidence

One of the best reasons why you should try out karaoke is that it helps build confidence. It takes a lot of self-esteem to be able to sing in front of your friends, especially if you have no background in the art. If you have stage fright, karaoke helps you be more confident even with a group of friends singing together.

A Great Way to Spend Time with Friends

Singing and music, in general, brings people together. Even total strangers would sing happily to Bohemian Rhapsody if it was playing on the radio. Karaoke does the same thing to friends; it is a great activity that would help you get to know each other. Aside from that, karaoke also gives you an idea of what a person is like through the songs they choose. It provides fun and a great bonding experience for the squad.

It's an Affordable Hangout Option

If you are low on cash yet looking for a fun activity, you can go to a KTV bar and rent a room for a karaoke party! Karaoke room rates are very flexible and can accommodate any budget you may have together with your squad. Moreover, there are also available karaoke microphones and machines that you can easily install on your TV so that you can go karaoke wherever and whenever you want!

It Relieves Stress

Apart from being a great hangout idea, karaoke is also seen as a form of stress relief. After a toxic week at the office, you can destress by singing your heart out to any song you want. It provides an avenue for you to vent out your emotions, and help you destress. So, if your deadlines are keeping you on your toes in the office, relax and relieve stress at the next karaoke session with your friends.

Karaoke is a great way for you to bond with friends, enjoy parties, and make you a better performer. With the company of good friends, karaoke makes for a great activity that you can enjoy with friends and family!