Bluetooth speakers in Hong Kong are portable speakers that connect wirelessly to our devices to play music and sounds. Usually made in a small and compact form factor, the speakers can be carried around everywhere and also be used to play music on the go whenever you so wish. Check out the best portable speakers on this page. You can also learn more about Bluetooth speakers by reading the article below.


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Top Bluetooth Speakers Price List 2020

Top 10 products Price Store
Marshall Stockwell HK$ 1,939.12 Shopbop
Marshall Acton HK$ 1,323.82 Amazon
JBL Charge 3 HK$ 615.22 Amazon
JBL Pulse 3 HK$ 1,713.28 Amazon
Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 HK$ 2,319.48 Net-A-Porter
JBL Clip 2 HK$ 560.71 Amazon
Jabra SPEAK 510 HK$ 902.98 Amazon
Ultimate Ears Boom 2 HK$ 1,012.31 Amazon
Ultimate Ears Megaboom HK$ 1,557.45 Amazon
JBL Pulse 3 Black HK$ 1,713.28 Amazon
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Marshall Stockwell

Cheapest at Shopbop HK$ 1,939.12 Go to Shop

News about Bluetooth Speakers

Most of us live our lives on the go so mobile speakers are a must. You’ll be wanting wireless connection so you can play tracks from your smartphone or tablet.

Most of us live our lives on the go so mobile speakers are a must. You’ll be wanting wireless connection so you can play tracks from your smartphone or tablet.

6 Reasons to Buy Bluetooth Speakers in Hong Kong

Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology standard for exchanging data and information over a short distance among two devices. It was first invented by Ericsson in 1994 and has seen many iterations of Bluetooth connectivity, each one improving over the last in many aspects such as security and reliability.

Bluetooth speakers, as the name implies, are speakers that have Bluetooth as its primary and main connection for audio output. Bluetooth speakers used to be unpopular in the past when Bluetooth connections were not always so stable or reliable. The electronics market also did not see much not see much use for Bluetooth speakers at that time.

Today, however, with the rise of smartphones, tablets and other smart devices, Bluetooth has a great relevance in many devices and its connectivity. The advent of smartwatches has boosted the importance of Bluetooth even more than before, as it is pretty much required for the connection between watch and phone.

The use of a Bluetooth speaker brings a lot of advantages and benefits to us, most especially that it brings convenience and portability.


This is the biggest reason a lot of people purchase Bluetooth portable speakers. Everyone wants convenience in their life, not more complications in the form of more wires, cables, or awkwardly large speakers.

Wireless Connection

Bluetooth portable speakers connect to our devices wirelessly, keeping our bags and tables clutter and cable-free. No more fussing about tangled wires or getting them hooked on to something. There are some Bluetooth speakers that have more than just Bluetooth connectivity, such as also having the standard 3.5mm jack to connect to our devices with.

Easy to Transport

Most Bluetooth speakers are meant to be mobile and to be easily transported or carried around, hence they are usually designed to be very minimalistic and compact. They are usually small enough that you can carry them in a small bag to the park, office – just anywhere!

Amazing Sound Quality

The general consensus for most compact speakers are that they sound bad. It was probably true in the not-so-distant past, but today most of these compact portable Bluetooth speakers can sound ridiculously amazing, even on par on some cheaper home or computer speakers.

Stable and Consumes Less Power

Do not worry about Bluetooth draining your smartphone or tablet's battery! Bluetooth 4.0 has improved a lot on that issue and it now has an LE mode, Low Energy, that will maintain a stable connection, but also retaining good battery life.

Lots of Good brands To Choose From

There are many different brands of Bluetooth portable speakers out there, some are bad, some are great, and some are just downright fantastic. Here are the best portable speakers that make really fantastic Bluetooth speakers.

  • Bose is one of the more famous brands that produces more high-end audio equipment, and although they are expensive, they produce really very good high quality sounding speakers. The Bose Bluetooth speaker, the Sound Link Mini 2, is probably one of the best Bluetooth speakers out there right now, even though it is rather costly.
  • Sony is also a reputable and reliable brand for their audio products. Their SRS-X5 is a Sony Bluetooth speaker in a compact form factor which has an 8-hour battery life to ensure you get to enjoy your audio throughout the day.
  • Logitech is a computer peripherals company that produces everything from speakers to keyboards for computer parts. They also own the Ultimate Ears company, a professional audio company, and they themselves have produced a fantastic Logitech Bluetooth speaker called the UE Boom 2. Although slightly larger, the UE Boom 2 is really very loud.

If you are someone who enjoys music listening on the go, but prefer not to use headphones – and also have the capability to play it out loud, then a Bluetooth speaker is a very suitable choice.