Wi-fi speakers enable us to conveniently listen to music everywhere we go. Their compact and lightweight designs, coupled with the ability to transmit audio wirelessly makes them the ideal travel companion for music lovers. With so many varieties and features to choose from, making a decision might not be as easy as it seems. Read on to find out more on how to choose the best Wi-Fi speakers for yourself.


Tips for Picking the Best Wi-Fi Speaker

We are so used to taking our favourite music with us everywhere we go. From iconic portable cassette players to our smartphones today, there have been many devices that enabled us to enjoy our music no matter where we go. With today’s technology, we expect convenience without compromising audio quality when we play our tunes. One of the best solutions available today is Wi-Fi speakers. However, Wi-Fi speakers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with various features to choose from which is why we have prepared a simple guide to help you decide on a Wi-Fi speaker that suits youCategorizing

Categorising Wireless Speakers

Basically, there are two categories of Wi-Fi speakers – In-home models which needs to be plugged into an AC outlet to function, and battery-powered models with either rechargeable or disposable batteries. Before you decide on which type of wireless speaker you are buying, consider a few factors:

Where Will You Be Primarily Using It?

Before purchasing either, you may need to ask yourself whether you will be using it primarily at outdoors or indoors. This question will help bring you one step closer to your final decision. Naturally Wi-Fi speakers that require AC plug-ins are more suited for occasions where you can remain indoors, as it needs to be plugged into a reliable power source to operate. As an example, if you are more likely to use it as accompaniment for your camping trips or on casual outings with friends, then a battery-operated wireless speaker suits you better. Whereas, if you want a speaker to bring to your dance studio for your dance rehearsals or to hotel rooms for your business trips, then you can consider a plug-in Wi-Fi speaker.

Compatibility with your Music Device

An important factor that you should consider is the compatibility of the speaker with the music device. While purchasing Wi-Fi speakers, you will probably come across terms such as Apple Airplay, DLNA, DTS Play-Fi, Heos, and Sonos. Basically, these are the wireless standards that a speaker utilizes to access content on a network. Most speakers can use more than one of these standards.

Devices with Apple AirPlay are compatible with any Apple mobile devices or any computer with iTunes installed on it. If you are an Android user, you might still be able to connect to the speaker but you will need to install some third-party apps to help you do so. The other standards mentioned above are usually compatible across both iOS and Android devices and PCs.

Affordability of the Device

Wi-Fi speakers can be found across all price ranges, depending on the features that they offer. The more features a speaker has, the more versatile it will be. However, more features also mean that the speaker will cost more. Hence, the key is to identify which features will you likely use and which are not that important for you. If you only require a speaker that can reproduce sound decently, then a basic set should be sufficient.

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