Radios are devices that receive and amplify AM and FM signals for radio stations. If you are in the market for one, check out the latest radio products. You can also learn the different types of radios to help narrow down your search for your next purchase.

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5 Different Types of Radios in Hong Kong

Radios in Hong Kong come in various shapes and sizes. There are different models - some date back to the original transistor radio, while others are made by modern manufacturers. When purchasing a radio, you need to know that it comes in different types. Having this information will help you narrow down your search for the perfect radio.


Vintage AM / FM radios in Hong Kong usually date back to the period of manufacturing sometime in the 1950's to the 70s when the first batch of portable transistor radios were created. While they come in a wide range of sizes, vintage AM/FM radios are typically available in more bulky sizes, unlike their modern counterparts. For this reason, they work better as a tabletop accessory and look less attractive as a portable device.


Pocket or portable radios are usually compact in size, making them easy to carry around. Due to their small and compact size, these radios are typically lightweight and handheld, making them convenient to listen to music or to radio channels anywhere.


Walkman portable radios in Hong Kong are perfect for those living an active lifestyle, allowing users to listen to music or to radio channels through headphones on-the-go. These devices typically come in armband forms or exclusively as headphones that transmit radio waves to the user. Today, walkmans also come with a cassette player or CD player for additional convenience.


Digital radios are the modern versions of the original AM/FM radios, which to this day remain competitive, along with MP3 players and other popular audio devices. Digital radios often sport sleek designs and offer more advantages, such as a much improved AM/FM tuner, as well as a digital display.


Boomboxes in Hong Kong are box-shaped portable stereo systems that originally come with an AM/FM radio panel, a CD player, or a cassette player. A boombox usually has one or two speakers, which can offer a much louder sound and larger coverage. Newer models typically sport USB jacks to enable connection to MP3 players. All in all, boomboxes produce louder sounds but are typically much bulkier than portable variants.


Shower radios are waterproof devices, which are equipped with batteries. With their waterproof build, users can use them in a bathroom or other wet environment. Some variants include a CD player and a clock. Shower radios don’t sport headphone jacks or AC adapter ports, as having one could short out or electrocute the user. For the same reason, they typically don’t have external antennas.

Manufacturers of Radios

There is a wide variety of manufacturers of radios of all different sizes and types. Some of the top brands include Philips, Panasonic, and Sony. While this list is not exhaustive, these brands offer a wide range of products for every budget. These brands can be purchased at major electronics stores, as well as online.

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