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For those that are driving or riding around, there is a lot of things that you should know about maintaining your mean machines. Read about automotive here.

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Newfrog ultrasonic thickness paint coating thickness gauge Digital Automotive
HK$ 164.00

Specification: Functions: 1.Thickness measurement of surface coatings on metal substrates. 2. Single measurement continuous measurement and differential measurement available. 3. Zero-point calibration 2-point calibration and basic calibration available. 4. Metric and imperial units of measurement optional. 5. Automatic shutdown. Operations: 1. Press the power-on button in the air to activate the LCD screen.You can hear a BI soundindicating that the gauge is ready for measurement. Upon each power-on the gauge is under single measurement mode by default. 2. Place the probe lightly onto the coating of a metal substrate. The gauge beeps twice. The LCD displays the measured coating thickness value while on its top left corner is a Fe symbol. 3. You can press MODE to select measurement mode. Single measurement continuous measurement and differential measurement are selectable. 4. Single measurement means only one data is measured in each measurement. Under the mode of continuous measurement the gauge measures thickness incessantly until the probe leaves the substrate surface. In differential measurement the difference between current measurement and the last measurement is measured. 5. Press UNIT to select the units of measurement. mm. mil can be selected. 6. If you turn on power with the thickness gauge placed on the ferrous substrate then the LCD will display ERR and the gauge will shut down automatically. This is an indication for incorrect power-on.

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Newfrog Automotive battery line 3 m 1800A1.3KGS emergency power supply line with th
HK$ 181.00 HK$ 463.00

Product parametersProduct Type: Power cordItem: YA1001Material: pure copper PVC plasticLine length: 3m 1800ALine diameter: 8mmCore material: copper clad aluminum (-40 degrees Celsius is not broken)Clip material: all-inclusive insulation copper alloyApplicable models: 2.5 displacement of the following modelsInternational certification: ROHS certification of the European Union Germany TUV certification ROHS certification international safety and qualityFeatures1. High-grade soft material the real thick thick leather thick new PVC material2. Full leather insulated handle fixed inner core safety current fixed skin safety insulation3. Clip secondary reinforcement a fixed inner core stable and safe current two fixed skin safety insulation4. vigorously battery clip super strong battery clip to ensure that the grip will not fall off5. Color resolution red is increased muscle black is negativeInstallation Notes1. Place the red wire clamp on the red line of the red battery2. Place the other end of the red wire clamp on the red battery pole of the ambulance3. Place the black clamp on the car that is being rescued or connect it directly to the ground4. Then put the black wire pliers on the black negative battery of the ambulance5. Start the rescue vehicle engine and then start the ambulance enginenoteIf you find the battery near the positive and negative battery is near the electrolyte flow out of residual substances please connect the battery line black clip in the vicinity of the rescue engine on the metal shell

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Automotive : Prepare Your Heart. Start Your Engines.

For more than a hundred years, we have experienced the amazing power of motor-driven vehicles as it is undoubtedly convenient means of traveling around. In other words, we have became increasingly mobile in many ways that our capacities and desires are now largely driven by it. Not only that, such option also leads to many possibilities as it helps to broaden our horizons as we are driving around and looking for adventure. As such, we are no longer strangers to these mechanical beasts that we ride to work, travel, business and others.

At the same time, we are getting so used to this mean of transportation that we have always forgotten that these mechanical beasts still require maintenance and care, just like the real beasts of burden. While it is important to maintain your vehicles, you should take the opportunity to make ride as fun and comfortable at the same time. From the simple car pillow to car paint job, the possibilities in customizing your vehicles are just simply endless.

Automotive : Cars - Riding On The Storm

Capable of traversing the land, cars are magnificent beasts that can overcome seemingly any terrain. However, even these beasts require a lot of maintenance in order to run well. The proper maintenance of your car will make it lasts longer while performing better in the long run and less prone to breakdown. You will appreciate the value of maintaining your car when you suddenly found your car stops moving. In your hindsight, you will think it is definitely costs less in maintaining your car than having to fix it when it is having a problem. Hence, do not turn a blind eye to maintaining your car properly as you can prevent your car from having problems.

No matter how well you maintain your car, you must not forget the other element that keeps you car moving or "alive" in literal sense: electricity. While providing the power that enables the functions of the car (lighting, air conditioner and others), the car battery is instrumental in starting your car engine. Without it, you can forget about pumping fuel into your car in the first place. As a powerful component that keeps the car working, you must not neglect your car battery. (Pro tip: Just be on your guard and look for any sign of delay when starting your car engine and if there is a delay, you know what to do - just change your car battery as soon as possible!)

If you are unable to start your car due to your battery, a pair of jumper cables will be really handy in this kind of situation and you also need a friend or a nice stranger with a car to boost or jump start your battery temporarily. Pretty easy, huh? That was the old way. Now, it is the time for you to invest into something that you can readily use for these emergency situations: a portable jump starter battery. When the same thing happen again, you just need to use it to jump start your car battery with it. It is as simple as that.

However, you can also get a portable car battery charger which is useful to recharge your car if you suspect that it will be dead soon. With proper cable, you can just recharge your car battery like how you recharge your smartphone. Simple yet convenient in getting back to the road.

Automotive: Motorcycles - Riding With Passion

Whether you are a passionate ride or just a solo rider, the motorcycle definitely evokes the romantic image of roaming across the plains and fields while enjoying the beauty of nature at the same time. Like any other mechanical beast, you still need to maintain these mean machines. Aside from checking your motorcycle battery and keep an eye on its usability, you can also invest in good old solid helmet that not just protect your head but also offers better protection from dust and debris as well. For extra protection, you should check out great motorcycle jackets that are both stylish and durable to maximize your comfort while riding your motorcycle.

Experience & Embrace The Simplicity Of Getting Around

From the usual car care to the highly recommended GPS navigation, you can take a look at the section of cars to get the stuffs that you need. Not only that, you can check the motorcycle section for motorcycle-related stuffs. Experience the great pleasure of driving or riding around!