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From the usual car care kit to GPS devices, there is a large array of car-related products that you can use in making your ride more enjoyable and comfortable. Read more about them here.

Transcend DrivePro 520 Wifi GPS 前後鏡行車紀錄儀 香港原裝行貨一年保養 現時購買即送16Gb Class10 MicroSD Transcend DrivePro 520 行車紀錄儀,具備高畫質雙鏡頭錄影 ,駕駛可隨時掌握行車路況及車內狀況,提供雙重保障。前鏡頭具備 F1.8 超大光圈及 130 度廣角鏡頭,能以每秒高達 30 張的影像( 30fps )錄製 1,080p Full HD 影片,白天黑夜都可清楚捕捉車牌號碼。車內鏡頭則內建紅外線 LED 燈,在低光源或是夜間環境會自動開啟,讓使用者在黑夜也可清楚錄製車內畫面。此外,便利的「單鍵快照」功能讓使用者在錄影中也可同步拍照,當事件發生時,立即拍下第一手畫面。 此外, DrivePro 520 內建 GPS 接收器、 Wi-Fi 無線傳輸及 G-Sensor 碰撞感應器。 GPS 接收器可精準顯示駕駛所在的位置,方便連繫道路救援、警察機關或保險單位; Wi-Fi 無線傳輸可提供即時觀看行車影像,並下載影片至手持裝置。 G-Sensor 碰撞感應器,緊急支援錄影 。 特點: 前鏡頭 – f/1.8超大光圈 + 130度超廣角,車內鏡頭 - F/2.8,110度,提供無死角錄影範圍 車內鏡頭周圍內建四個紅外線 LED 燈,在夜間與低光源環境下,會自動啟動輔助錄影 支援緊急錄影功能 - DrivePro 520內建碰撞感應器(G-Sensor),當行車錄影中偵測到震動與撞擊時,會自動啓動「緊急錄影」模式,鎖定事故檔案不被覆寫。 DrivePro 520 內建 Wi-Fi 功能,可透過免費下載的 DrivePro 520 App ,在 Apple iOS 或 Android 系統的行動裝置上即時瀏覽、下載及分享行車影片。 內建 GPS 接收器,可將行車座標及日期時間記錄至影片中。發生事故時, GPS 座標可精準顯示您目前所在的方位,方便連繫道路救援、警察機關或保險單位。 一鍵快照功能實現錄影中也可拍照,不遺漏任何關鍵時刻;事故發生時,也可拿到車外拍下碰撞情形,即時留下第一手證據。 規格: 螢幕 : 2.4 吋彩色 LCD 螢幕 感光元件 : 低照度 Cmos 感應器, 300 萬畫素 鏡頭 :: F/1.8 , 130° 廣角 碰撞感應器 :: 三軸式 G-Sensor 影像解析度 : 前鏡 - Full HD (1920x1080) 30Fps 車內鏡頭 - HD (1280x720) 30Fps 影像格式 : MOV (H.264 影像壓縮技術 ) 儲存 / 記憶卡 : MicroSD 32Gb * 建議使用 Class10 連接介面 : USB 2.0 無線連接 : Wi-Fi802.11b/g/n 無線加密 : Wpa2 內建 GPS 電池 : 鋰電池 430mAh 電源 : 輸入: Dc12V ~ 24V/ 輸出: DV 5V 1A 尺寸 : 96.2 × 64.5 × 43.9 (mm) 重量 : 108g 附件 行車記錄器 x 1 黏著裝置固定架或吸盤式支架 ( 依選購款式附贈 ) x1 車用轉接頭 x1 MicroSD card ( 32Gb) x1 使用說明書 x1 產品示範: Read more
*Prices updated on 21 Sep 2017

Automotive : Car - Riders Of The Storm

When we are small, we have been enamoured with the lovely sights of cars in real life, computer games, video games and movies. We saw our heroes, villains, actors and others pursue their passions or agendas as they drive with powerful yet controlled emotions in getting their jobs done. Watching all of these scenes have given us that desire as we dream to be like them. Similarly, we also entertain the idea of getting the same cars as them. Not longer are they being seen as merely vehicles, but also being our personal machines that can be further customized to accommodate your needs.

Nowadays, we are looking at vast array of options that we can take in customising our rides to reflect our taste, philosophy and preference. In fact, the cars truly reflect who we are as we even take the reputation and popularity of a brand into account when choosing and buying a car model. That is why we also love to put window and bumper stickers in order to personalize our cars further, adding another layer of personalities unto them. Your ride is going to be so much fun when your car looks so different than other cars while carrying your personal statement, especially telling the whole world that you support this particular football team.

Taking Care Of Your Car

Maintaining a car can be a huge responsibility as you can really save a lot of money and time when you know how to look after it. Not only that, you are able to avoid problems that appear as a result of poor maintenance of your car. In fact, it is generally a good idea to check your car regularly so that car can last longer. There is a large range of car care products in the market now and you may never even hear about some of them. For instance, it is really handy to get a portable handheld car vacuum cleaner so that you can keep your car clean and prevent any bug infestation as well. Moreover, these vacuum cleaners are designed to reach the tight spots inside your car, especially the gap between seats. In other words, cleaning your car while on the road should take precedence because it is better to prevent any chances of attracting bugs to your car whenever possible.

Accessorize Your Car

Just like car care kit above, there is also a lot of car accessories that prove to be useful at any times. As we are always using gadgets and electronic devices, we can certainly take advantage of our own car by using their power sources to recharge them. This can by using the simple device that is known as car inverter. It is usually compact and you can plug it into cigarette lighter plug so that you can recharge your smartphones, tablets, laptops and others. In addition, the latest models now should contain more than just one USB port and this means that you are able to recharge several electronic devices while travelling.

Not just that, you can also get a variety of mountings to hold your smartphone or tablet in a more secured manner while you get to use it comfortably. Moreover, you can view the screen of your electronic device without compromising your concentration on the road. Nowadays, these mounting can be used in putting GoPro or dashboard camera in order to record your driving adventure or getting the crucial video footage whenever you encounter driving, parking accident and even insurance scam.

Navigating Around With Your GPS

Thanks to power of technology, getting around should be a lot easier as you can call upon the resources of the GPS device so that you can reach your destination safely without getting lost. You do not just the GPS device solely for navigational purposes as it actually boasts a dedicated traffic live report that helps you to avoid traffic jam or bottleneck. As the latest car GPS devices have became increasing car-friendly, they are now part of must-have things in your car. Nowadays, these car GPS devices even have points-of-interest search feature that enable you to get to know famous landmarks or popular hangout. Such feature will be handy and fun when you embark on a road trip with your friends and family.

Transform Your Driving Experience Into Fun & Adventure

Modern technology and innovation now exist to provide you with better solutions that can make your ride fun and adventurous at the same time. We have traveled with car so much that it has became literally our mobile home. Aside from getting around, you can even outfit your car with a host of helpful accessories and gadgets.

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