Bike riding is one of the most exciting means of transport one can learn in Hong Kong. You can use it as a daily commute as well as a hobby. Find out more about motorcycle gear here.

5 Motorcycle Gear You Need to Have

Man and machine. You pray to the god of speed that you don’t crash when mounting your bike. Being a biker, you know the intricate balance of life is challenged with every speed record you break. Nevertheless, the thrill of riding a machine that propels you to insane speeds is worth the risk. Safety is an integral part of riding a motorcycle. The right gear could save your life and give you an enjoyable ride. We’ve compiled a list for those who bikers and would-be bikers to have the best ride on your motorcycle.


Probably the most important piece of gear in a biker’s ensemble, the helmet represents your life. To choose a helmet, you need to know the few types of helmet options. A few choices you can get are as follows:

  • Full-face helmet
  • Open-face helmet
  • Modular helmet
  • Motocross helmet

Among the best brands of helmets in the Hong Kong market, you want to look for Arai, Shoei, LS2, and HJC. These brands have been perfecting helmets for safety and performance for decades. Choose any one of these and rest assured, you’ve got the best.

A high-vis jacket & pants

Once you’ve got your helmet, it’s time to go for the protective gear. What you want to do now is to get a high-vis jacket and pants. High-vis simply means “high-visibility”. You can tell high-vis clothing from their bright, contrasting colours. Generally, high-vis jackets have reflective coatings or even luminescent fabric so it reflects light even in dark environments. This allows other motorists to see you while on the road. If you don’t have a set of high-vis clothing, you can always wear a reflective vest. You can buy them at cheap prices online or simply drop by your local hardware store.

Protective gear

Along with high-vis clothing, you will also want to get some protective gear. Choose padding for your limbs such as shoulder pads, elbow pads and knee pads. In the event of a fall, these gear will protect you from abrasions and bad injuries. Motorcycle boots are also part and parcel of a set of riding gear. Boots give you sturdy balance when your foot is on the ground and on the bike.

In today’s age of advanced technology, you can get military-grade protective gear. Some of these even include Kevlar protection – yeah, Kevlar! The bullet-proof stuff that prevents bullets from hitting your skin.

Motorcycle accessories

Do be sure to get the basics of riding gear before you get on to the accessories. Motorcycle accessories range from the tuning gadgets to rear-view mirrors and exhaust mods. In the Hong Kong, you have plenty of choices for modifications on a bike. Unfortunately, not all motorcycle modifications add performance value. Some are just for aesthetic purposes. Some accessories you can start with include exhaust heat-barriers, side and front reflectors, action cameras (to keep record of each event during riding), and phone holders. Couple all these with the basics of motorcycle gear and you’re ready for a memorable ride.

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