The French beauty brand that uses extraordinary spring water in its formulation, Avène is rooted in dermatology and hydrotherapy. Look at Avene Hong Kong products and learn more about the skincare brand that is backed by more than 300 clinical studies.

Avene Hong Kong: The story of Avene | What are the best Avene products? | Where can I buy Avene products?


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Avène Thermal Water (50ml) HK$ 52.79 Look Fantastic
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Avène Thermal Water (300ml) HK$ 105.99 Mankind
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Avène Avène Thermal Water (50ml)

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Avene Hong Kong: The story of Avene

Discovered in the 18th century, the properties of the thermal spring water at Avène are widely known. This has led this French beauty brand to increasing success with the name Eau Thermale Avène.

Avene's rich history had a humble beginning in a small village of Southern France. A lovely old village located in the Orb valley, at the heart of the Haut-Languedoc Regional Park with ideal climatic conditions surrounded in lush vegetation lies Avene. Under the Mediterranean and Atlantic influences, Avene also enjoys a perfectly balanced climate with plenty of sunshine. Just imagine, it will resemble one of the beautiful paintings in the museums.

It all started when the Marquis de Rocozel’s horse was suffering from stubborn pruritus and was healed after a few swims in the Orb River. Yes, miracle river water had anti-irritating properties. Thus, Avène Thermal Spring Water was discovered in 1736.

Avene Hong Kong: What is Avene Thermal Spring Water?

Avene Thermal Spring Water begins its formation journey when it falls as rain over the Cevennes Mountains, filtering down through the soil and rocks for over 40 years before bubbling up, pure and clear, to the surface at the Sainte-Odile spring.

Avene then directs the water straight from its source to the production plant where the Eau Thermale Avène products are manufactured. The spring water also goes to the Hydrotherapy Centre to provide care programmes for sensitive skin patients.

The Avene Thermal Spring Water composition:

Low mineral composition of 266 mg/l

A Calcium/Magnesium bicarbonate profile of 2

A rich silica content: 10.6 mg/l

Rich content of trace elements

A neutral pH level of 7.5

Avène Thermal Spring Water is used as the heart of all Avene products. Imagine how precious is this Spring Water came about to form naturally is now made available on shelves. Thanks to innovative technology and scientific advancements, we can now enjoy the very essence of mother nature. And this mutual dependency is also Avene’s major concern, as the company goes to the extent in preserving the precious balance of ecosystem and nature of the source.

Avène has its very own Hydrotherapy Centre that is dedicated to dermatology. Built in a protected environment, this research centre is internationally renowned. Learn more about Avene by watching the video below.

What are the best Avene products?

Avene Skin Recovery Cream — formulated for people with Hypersensitive/Irritable or Allergic Skin, this face moisturizer is extremely smooth when applied and very hydrating for the skin without being heavy at all. There is also no ‘weighed down’ feel after application and it doesn’t leave a greasy feel on the skin. Specifically designed for sensitive skin but it will work well on any skin type. The biggest advantage of this cream is that there are no added preservatives or fillers. Very pure with literally only 4 or 5 ingredients listed on the packaging, this cream is the closest cream you’ll get in a tube straight from nature. The reason is because of the unique and innovative design of the tube the cream comes in. The end of the tube has a vacuum seal on the end of the cap. Therefore, when you squeeze the tube it only dispenses a small amount and then automatically sucks it back up into the tube assisted by the vacuum seal. This mechanism also keeps the cream bacteria-free as no air can get trapped inside the tube.

Avene Thermal Water — captured directly at its source, ensuring that all its soothing and softening properties are preserved. Your skin will feel instantly wrapped in soothing softness. All the gentle purity of Avène Thermal Spring Water can help calm the skin. Use it as a face mist after make-up or before to set your foundation or as a refreshing spray to rehydrate your skin when you’re at the office. With no added fragrance, this spray can also be used to calm red and itchy skin.

Avene products are made for all skin types with a specific range like Very Sensitive Skin, Tolerance Extreme, Cleanance (for acne-prone skin), Redness-Relief, Cold Cream Face (for very dry skin), Trixera+ (for extremely dry skin), Cicalfate (for irritated skin), Xeracalm A.D (for itch prone skin) and Physiolift (for anti-aging function).

Every one of us has different types of skin, be it dry, sensitive, oily, a combination of both redness and dry, give Avene product range a try. Experience the natural treasure of France with Avene, available at iPrice Hong Kong.

Where can I buy Avene products?

Avene skincare, hand care, and makeup products can be purchased at any Eau Thermale Avène official stores or other retail stores like Sasa, Watsons, and Mannings in Hong Kong. Alternatively, you can also purchase Avène products online through their official web or online merchants like Zalora, Mankind, Beauty Expert, and Jomashop.