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Avent Philips Natural Breastfeeding Set with Manual Breast Pump
Avent Philips Natural Breastfeeding Set with Manual Breast Pump For a good start to a new stage of life – the Philips Avent Natural breastfeeding set with manual breast pump is the perfect support kit for all moms who wish to start expressing breast milk. The set contains all the important essentials needed for pumping and storing milk as well as for feeding your baby. Items delivered: * 1 x comfort manual breast pump, * 10 x reusable breast milk storage cups (180 ml), * 1x Natural baby bottle 260 ml, * 1 Natural teat, * 2 x adaptors, and * 4 x breast pads (2 x day breast pads, 2 x night breast pads). The unique design of this manual breast pump allows you to sit straight up in a comfortable pumping position. The milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle while the comfortable sitting position contributes to a natural and easy milk flow. The silky-soft texture of the massage cushion feels particularly warm on your skin and thus additionally stimulates the milk flow in a gentle way. The soft and flexible petals inside the teat contribute to natural drinking just like on mom’s breast. Furthermore, the softness and flexibility of the teat prevent the teat from collapsing. The innovative twin valve reduces colic and discomfort by preventing the air from getting into baby’s tummy. Combining breast and bottle feeding is thus made particularly easy for your child. The Natural baby bottle features an ergonomic shape which makes it easy to hold and grip it in any direction. The material used (polypropylene) is free from Bpa. By using the adaptor for the reusable storage cups, you can easily pump your breast milk directly into the storage container. This way, there is no leakage and no spilling of your precious breast milk. Sealing the cups tightly with the matching discs ensures safe storage and transport of your baby’s food. All cups are suitable for being stored in the fridge or freezer and are dishwasher safe. The disposable breast pads feature several layers so that they ensure maximum absorbency. They are made of silky-soft, breathable outer material. Details: * Comprehensive set for new-born babies and their moms * Breast pump with unique design for relaxed pumping (no leaning forwards, comfortable position) * Soft massage cushion for gently stimulating milk flow * Particularly soft and flexible teat, unique petals * Special anti-colic system * For easy combination of breast and bottle feeding * Ergonomic shape of bottle for easy grip * Wide bottleneck for easy assembly, filling and cleaning * Storage cups are suitable for being stored in fridge and freezer, dishwasher safe * Matching storage cup discs for safe storage and transport * Adaptor helps to pump milk directly into the storage container * Material of bottle: polypropylene, free from BPA * Material of breast pump: polypropylene, free from BPA (only those parts that come in contact with food) * Material of reusable storage cups: polypropyl...
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