If you are looking for new fragrances to invest in or thinking of venturing in the world of scents, then Axe would definitely be of interest to you. The brand offers a wide range of deodorants, fragrances and other men’s grooming products. Yes, you read that right! This brand only caters to men. So click here to learn more about the brand or scroll down to browse through our products.


Axe Hong Kong - Boosting Your Confidence through Your Scent

Finding Your Style and Confidence with Axe Hong Kong

A brand of male grooming products, Axe first started out in France in year 1983. The brand was launched by multinational consumer goods company, Unilever, and was targeted at young men. It first started out with a line of body sprays that added a touch of innovation as well as creativeness to the otherwise mundane men’s grooming category of the time. With the success of their body sprays, the brand begun to add more products to their product line up as the years went on. Today, Axe is home to deodorant sticks, shower gels, hair care as well as their iconic body sprays.

Smell Good Everyday with Axe Hong Kong

Axe is home to a wide range of male grooming products that can be used to boost the confidence of men. The brand is marketed in 60 different countries and is one of the world’s most famous grooming brands for men.

The brand is known most for their fragrance products (previously known as body sprays). Have a look at the different fragrances that they have to offer for men:

Axe Anarchy
One of their bestselling scents, it is a spicy fragrance that has a combination of fresh and fruity notes. The fragrance also contains notes of sandalwood and white amber that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized to go through the day.
Axe Apollo
Wanna feel as strong, masculine and alluring as the God of the Sun? Then, you will definitely love this fragrance. It has crisp notes of green fruits, sandalwood and fresh sage that will keep you smelling great all day. The fragrance is classy and sophisticated, while also having an addictive edge that will keep the ladies coming back for more.
Axe Black
Are you the type that has a very refined sense of style? Then, you would love this fragrance from Axe. It’s a subtle, masculine fragrance that contains notes of bergamot, rosemary and cedarwood. It will help you make an impression without going over the top.
Axe Black Chill
Need an energizing scent that isn’t too in-your-face? Then this scent is perfect for you. It contains notes of mint, cedar, sandalwood and citrus that is energizing and will keep you refreshed all day.
Axe Dark Temptation
Going out for a hot date? Or heading over to the club? Then, this fragrance from Axe is perfect for your night out. It contains a blend of hot chocolate, amber and red peppercorn that is alluring and subtle. This slightly spicy, sweet scent is sure to draw the ladies to you and leave your buddies feeling jealous.
Axe Essence
Looking for a scent that will speak to both the light and dark sides of your personality? Then this fragrance would appeal to you. It has a deep, woody aroma with just a hint of oriental spice that can be worn for all occasions.
Axe Excite
Stimulate your senses with this awesome fragrance from Axe. The scent contains a blend of coconut, hazelnut and caramel that will just leave you sighing in pleasure. Wear this sweetly woody scent whenever and wherever you go to leave your senses aroused.
Axe Gold Temptation
Tempt your senses and those around you with this fruity, spicy, sweet fragrance. It contains notes of citrus, molten chocolate and smoky amber that will lend you an air of mystery and masculinity.
Axe Harmony
Looking for a scent that reflects the calmness of your inner being? Then, this scent from Axe is your answer. It contains notes of citrus, pepper and ginger that will give you an air of calm, sophistication and masculinity.
Axe Kilo
Kickstart your sense of adventure with this masculine, aromatic scent from Axe. It contains notes of coconut, hazelnut and caramel that is sure to appeal to the rugged side of your character.
Axe Peace
Be at peace with the world with this fragrance from Axe. It is an intriguing mix of zesty citrus, musk and dry woods that would appeal to young men. The scent is a distinct fragrance of citrus that will keep you fresh and smelling great all day.
Axe Phoenix
Rise from the ashes with this classic scent that is earthy and fruity. It contains notes of lavender, geranium and citrus that is sure to refresh your senses with each spritz of the fragrance.

    Most the scents that Axe has to offer usually come with a shower gel to accompany the fragrance. Some even include their very own antiperspirant/deodorant stick and aftershave lotion to ensure that the scent will last all day. Other than those products, Axe also has a shower scrub tool (called the Axe Detailer) that can be used to exfoliate and gently clean your skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth.

    In 2012, the brand decided to branch out into the female market and offered its very first fragrance for women. Called Axe Anarchy for Her, the scent is a combination of soft florals with fruity notes. It is perfect for women who want to add a little spark to her life or throw the world into utter chaos. The scent is made to be worn at any time of the day. Other than being available in the fragrance/body spray form, Anarchy for Her is also available as a shower gel.

    Axe Hong Kong’s Way to Smelling Good and Confident

    Give yourself a boost of confidence with Axe’s awesome grooming products. After all, it is important for a man to smell great if he wishes to appeal to members of the opposite gender. It is a brand that is well known for its affordable pricing, while delivering quality fragrance that can rival other more premium fragrance brands. So if you are looking for a fragrance to wear for your hot date, make sure to take a look at Axe Perfume products that will definitely up your game.