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Babee Kids Printed Shirt at 89.00 HKD from YesStyle
Babee Kids Printed Shirt
HK$ 89.00 HK$ 147.00
Brand from China: Babee. Color: Light Green, Materials: Cotton Blend, Size: 110: Bust: 68cm, Short Sleeve Length: 13cm, Shoulder Width: 29cm, Total Length: 44cm,Suggested Height: 100-110cm, 120: Bust: 70cm, Short Sleeve Length: 14cm, Shoulder Width: 30.5cm, Total Length: 47cm,Suggested Height: 110-120cm, 130: Bust: 73cm, Short Sleeve Length: 15cm, Shoulder Width: 32.5cm, Total Length: 50cm,Suggested Height: 120-130cm, 140: Bust: 78cm, Short Sleeve Length: 16cm, Shoulder Width: 34cm, Total Length: 52.5cm,Suggested Height: 130-140cm, 150: Bust: 81cm, Short Sleeve Length: 17cm, Shoulder Width: 35cm, Total Length: 56cm,Suggested Height: 140-150cm, Care: Hand Wash, Machine Wash
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Babee Kids Embroidered Shirt at 120.00 HKD from YesStyle
Babee Kids Embroidered Shirt
HK$ 120.00 HK$ 171.00
Brand from China: Babee. Color: White, Materials: 100%Cotton, Size: 120: Bust: 76cm, Shoulder Width: 31cm, Length: 51cm, Sleeve Length: 42cm, 130: Bust: 80cm, Shoulder Width: 32.5cm, Length: 54cm, Sleeve Length: 45cm, 140: Bust: 84cm, Shoulder Width: 34cm, Length: 57cm, Sleeve Length: 48cm, 150: Bust: 88cm, Shoulder Width: 36cm, Length: 61cm, Sleeve Length: 51.5cm, 160: Bust: 93cm, Shoulder Width: 38cm, Length: 64.5cm, Sleeve Length: 55cm, Care: N/A
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