Who said polo shirts are only for adults? There are mini variations of this iconic t-shirt, suitable for your little ones. Read the article down below to find out how to properly style and match your baby Polos to fit any occasions.

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Ways to Style Baby Polos for All Occasions

Polos are timeless; they are worn by people from all generations to almost every event and occasion. Ever since their creation in the early 20th century, they function more than just as tennis shirts. Thanks to big brands and fashion labels like Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger, Polo shirts are now a staple for both adults and children of all ages. The characteristics of polo shirts are simple: a collar that can be upturned, several buttons at the neck, and short, cuffed sleeves.

Formal Events

Creating a formal baby outfit can be difficult at times as there are not many suits or blazers made specifically for infants. However, you can always pair up your little boy’s polo shirt with a pair of khaki pants and dress shoes. There are also polo shirts for girls that can be suitable for formal events. Instead of sticking to the usual dress or baby gown, you can pick a bright-colored polo shirt and match it with a fluffy tutu skirt.

Casual Occasions

You can always make your toddlers look like a beach-club model by putting them in their favorite polo shirt. For the boys, replace the pair of khaki pants with cotton cargo shorts, preferably plain ones in neutral colors. Complete the look by putting your baby in a pair of loafers. Cargo shorts can also be suitable for the girls. To feminize your baby outfit, choose polo shirts in bright and soft colors like pink, purple, and yellow.

Polo Shirt Designs

Polos are available in a variety of designs and patterns. Other than the plain polo shirts in a single, solid color, one of the most common design is the horizontal stripes. Baby polo shirts would sometimes come in fun patterns as well like boats, guitar decals, plaids, polka-dots, and more.

Polo Shirt Material

Most Polos are usually made with cotton but you can also find polo shirts made out of silk, merino wool, or synthetic fiber. Jersey and piqué polo shirts are also common. The former is soft and smooth to the touch and is more affordable than piqué polo shirts. The latter is more texturized, is bulkier but more breathable than the jersey polo shirt.

Polo Shirt Sizes

While adults don’t have to put as much focus towards sizes, baby clothing sizes are very important. You should always measure your infants based on their age and weight as babies tend to grow rather quickly. In special cases, babies can be bigger or smaller that other babies within their age group. In this circumstance, you might want to measure your baby’s sizes with a soft measuring tape and weigh them on the baby scale.

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