Child seats, often known as infant seats are a must-have when it comes to your toddler’s safety. Particularly in the car, children need to be secure and protected should there be an impact. Here are some benefits to child seats.

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Britax Advansafix III SICT

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3 Benefits of Child Seats that You Should Consider

Safety is the number one priority for our young children. As parents, we want our kids to grow up safe and healthy. Particularly when in the car, safety must be enforced. This is where child seats come into play. There are a few types of child seats. The most common are the child/infant car seats, convertible car seats, and booster seats. For ease of reference, let’s call them under the general term of child seats. Here are some benefits of having child seats.

Keep your child in one place

As a parent, you know that your child can be a handful, especially on a long drive. The best way to keep your child in one place is to get an infant seat. A child seat straps your little one in and keeps him/her there throughout the journey. This, in turn, avoids unnecessary distraction while driving. Of course, you may need to train your child to sit in without crying his/her lungs out, but after a while, he/she will get used to it.

Give your child maximum comfort

Adult seats are usually harder and too large for children. They won’t feel comfortable sitting in adult seats. Child seats are soft and offer sufficient padding for your little one to rest. Most infant seats feature a reclining angle so your child can sleep like when in the comfort of your home. Some child seats also come with a sun-shade to keep the harsh sunlight out of your child’s eyes. And others feature cooling vents throughout the frame so it won’t get too warm.

Protect your child

Here is the number one reason why child seats are important – to protect your child. Car accidents are so common in Hong Kong. This being said, we cannot take safety lightly. To protect our child, we have to keep him/her secure. As many cars have rear and front airbags, the child may be at risk of the airbag in the event of an accident. A child seat greatly reduces the impact and could save your child’s life. All modern cars have the ISOFIX feature to attach a child seat. Simply attach the seat to the ISOFIX and strap in with a seatbelt. It’s so simple.

Now that you know more about child seats, it’s time to get one for your child. Check out the variety above and get the best for your little one.

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