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Top Baby Carrier Backpacks Price List 2018

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Baby Carrier Cloak Mantle Cover Waterproof Baby Backpack Carrier Cover Baby Rainproof Cloak Windproof Suspender HK$ 48.00 Newfrog
gb 6 in 1 Hipseat Ergonomic Baby Backpack Carrier Multi-use Breathable Front Facing Infant Warp Carrier for 4-18 Months Old HK$ 446.00 AliExpress
Detachable Cartoon Baby Carrier 3-36 months Breathable 3 in 1 Front Facing Baby Carrier Backpack Stool Bear 20Kg HK$ 455.00 AliExpress
Multifunctional Hipseat For Newborn Baby Infant Baby Carrier Backpack Stool Lumbar Bench Stool Prevent o-type legs Wrap Sling HK$ 337.00 AliExpress
Four Season Baby Backpack Carrier Multifunction Baby Hipseat Removeable Baby Carrier Hip Seat 2 in1 Toddler Wasit Stool HK$ 467.00 AliExpress
hip Seat Carrier Baby Cartoon Cotton Infant Backpack Carrier Seat Kids Shoulders Carry Baby Kangaroo Suspender Sling Wrap HK$ 450.00 AliExpress

Different Types of Baby Carriers

Prams are slightly cumbersome particularly when you plan to travel with a baby. With so many other baby products to carry, the best way to travel light is to invest in a baby carrier. There are limitless types of baby carriers that are utilized by people around the world. Read on to learn about the different types of baby carriers.

Wraparound Carriers

These carriers are not only suitable for babies; it can be used for toddlers as well! The designs are usually simple and are known for their comfort. Probably one of the more versatile carriers, it can be worn in multiple ways depending on your level of comfortability. It is very adaptable, as it does not have any clips or fasteners which are great for keeping up with your child’s growth and developmental stages. Typically, the fabric is wrapped around the body and over one or both shoulders. Wraparound carriers are great if you plan to carry your child for longer periods as the weight is distributed evenly.


Slings are the ideal carrier if you want to calm a fussy baby and the best thing about it is that you are still hands-free! Most of the sling carriers have rings sewn in for easy adjustability and further add on to the comfortability for the baby as well as the mummy, there are also padded sling carriers. Similar to the wraparound carriers, slings are also versatile as you are able to use it in a range of positions for the transition from newborn to toddlerhood. The added benefit of using a sling is the ability to transfer a sleeping baby to bed without any disturbance. It can also be a substitute for a breastfeeding cover.

Mei Tai

As the name suggests, Mei Tai is a carrier that was inspired by traditional Asian carriers. The modernized carriers are extremely comfortable for the baby as it comes with a comfortable shoulder padding, contoured head rest, sturdy fabrics along with styling options that are modern and fun. A Mei Tai typically consists of a panel of fabric with two shorter straps that go around the waist and two longer straps to wrap over the shoulder.

Structured Carriers

Structured carriers are known for their buckle systems and padded straps. Due to that, it is probably one of the more simpler to use carriers which fit your body, allowing you to carry your baby close to your chest. You can also position your baby facing outwards, on your back or hip as they get older. It also comes with a soft head rest, padded shoulder straps, and a waistbelt that effectively distributes the weight of your baby uniformly. Though this carrier has a similar style to Mei Tai, it is slightly difficult to adjust. Compared to other types, this carrier can be slightly pricier due to other added features that come with it.

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