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Baby Strollers and Carriers in Hong Kong: Carrying Your Baby with Ease

Baby strollers is a quite expensive baby accessory to purchase. That is why it is crucial to buy one that can cater to all of the parents and baby's preference and needs. Unless of course, you don't mind wasting more money than you should. There's a wide array of baby strollers and carriers in the market today. To make it easier to choose, it pays well to take some time to sort out your preference and needs that will fit the bill.

Type of Baby Stroller in Hong Kong

Strollers come in different size, shape and built, each catering a need or preference that the lifestyle the child's parents lead. Below are the types of Baby Strollers in Hong Kong that you can find in the market.

Standard Strollers

Standard strollers are built to stand wear and tear, this is due to its hard and sturdy built. Its durability comes with a price though, because it’s one of the bulkier types available in the market. This is basically not the type that you should buy if you're fond of traveling with your baby, every now and then.


Lightweight and fully features a seat that can be reclined fully, giving the stroller and ability to lay the baby flat on his or her back. This is the stroller that's very ideal for that long walk at the park or at the mall. It's also elegant looking, so it's one of the best strollers to flaunt when you're out and about with your baby.

This is also perfect for long term use, as it features reversible handles that could convert the stroller into a toddler stroller. Very cost efficient and beneficial, since parents no longer need to buy a new one when their baby gets older.

Umbrella Stroller

The least expensive and less durable type of baby stroller. However though, it's pretty compact and lightweight; the type of baby stroller that suits the lifestyle of busy parents. It mainly got the name "Umbrella" because of its handy opening and folding feature, paired with a curved handle that resembles an umbrella.

Jogging Strollers

The name itself would already imply a healthy and active lifestyle. This type best suits health and fitness conscious parents, who love to bring their child with them outdoors while jogging. It's also healthy for the baby to breathe in the fresh air on a cool Saturday morning at the park.

Its frame is made of lightweight aluminium, and its wheels are inflatable. Making it easy to make your away on most terrains. The wheels could easily maneuver regardless of the surface, while providing ease and comfort to your baby inside the stroller.


For parents who prefer a more intimate method of carrying their baby around, baby carriers are ideal. Aside from the fact that it's way cheaper than a stroller, it also promotes parent-child bonding, also another way for parents to exercise. Carriers have been the only accessory that different cultures all throughout time has used, and there's no reason why parents should do so now.

One of the things that parents who has a new born baby must have is a stroller or at least a carrier. It's a very important accessory that will save parents the effort in carrying their babies around when going shopping or simply strolling with their baby. Aside from the convenience that it gives the parents, it is also a necessity for the babies to relax all day without being disturbed while the rest of the family enjoys their stroll.

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