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More than just an item to keep your belongings, backpack can also express an individual sense of style. Choose your best companion today with iprice’s range of backpacks.

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Backpacks - The timeless travel companion

The origin of backpacks dated back to the 1910s era, when people started using moneybag and packsack to keep their coins and essentials. No matter what types of bags that were invented, they all carry the same mission: to be everyone’s companion wherever they go.

Must-have backpacks for every day’s use

School Backpacks

Going to school with our awesome backpacks is a joy that we have all experienced. At young age, kids get all excited over backpacks designed with their favourite cartoon characters. The sizes may vary depending on the amount of school books that they carry but the perfect backpacks for school should meet the following criteria:

  1. The size of the bag must be just nice for your child’s body, approximately up to 10% of their weight.
  2. The bag must have adjustable straps with moulded frame to make sure it won’t affect the child’s posture if they carry a heavy backpack.
  3. Backpacks for school should have several compartments so that you can help organizing your child’ books and stationeries better.
  4. Children at higher grades demand bigger backpacks for maximum carriage. So opt for a bag with built-in wheels so that it can be dragged around easily as a luggage.

Outdoor Backpacks

For the adventures seekers, having afunctional backpack is crucial no matter where they go. It helps to keep the essentials like travel gear, cameras to bottle of water and so on. Make sure you are well prepared for outdoor activities with a proper backpack. A good outdoor backpack must feature strong and durable straps with lots of compartments at different sizes for extra versatility.

Travel Backpacks

If you are a frequent traveller or a real backpacker, you should have already known the importance of a high quality travel backpack. It is not only a carry-on luggage but also a great companion wherever you go. Instead of dragging around your ‘gigantic’ luggage, why not opt for a handy and comfortable backpack? Most travellers agree that backpacks can be a life saver at times, especially when you really need to rush somewhere or when you travel to places without an escalator. Your travel backpacks have to fulfil these criteria:

  1. Durable and water resistant: Weather is usually unpredictable and you wouldn’t want to get all your belonging soaking wet if you get caught in a rain. So make sure to choose the backpack that is water resistant or even better, water proof.
  2. Extra compartments: One of the main criteria to consider when choosing a backpack is its capacity. The more compartments it has, the easier it is to organize your belongings in a logical order.
  3. Padded Hip Belt: A huge backpack can also be a hassle to carry around if you don’t have enough support. So make sure your backpack has this functional padded hip belt to help distributing the weigh more evenly.
  4. Internal Frame: Not only does it help to keep your pack maintain the form and balance on its own, inter frame also ensures that your back is not enduring too much pressure and hence, keeping your posture straight.

No matter what types of bags you are looking for, the top point on your check list has to be its durability and suitability for a specific occasion. Here on iprice, you can find the perfect backpacks to suit your needs while not compromising styles.

Choose your perfect companion today with iprice’s collection of backpacks

Backpacks are not only functional but also super stylish as a fashion staple. Iprice has a huge collection of Men Backpack and Women Backpack that suit to all individuals.

You can look for Adidas Backpacks for timeless design and long durability; or adding extra class to your style with Alexander Wang backpacks. Also, don’t forget to check out iprice’s Fashion coupons for more awesome deals when shopping online!

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