If you are looking for a briefcase for all your formal meets, you have landed on just the right page. Find out more about briefcases here.

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Briefcases Hong Kong: The most functional and stylish Briefcases online

Briefcases Hong Kong: Giving you a more professional look

A lawyer, when they enter the court, they are filled with a winning confidence. The way they carry themselves, their suit, their shoes, and their overall appearance oozes with poise. But one thing that would spoil their whole charismatic image is when they carry the wrong bag. You would think that with the existence of the messenger bag, the briefcase bag can be thrown out of the fashion industry but you think wrong! Unlike the casual messenger bag, the briefcase bag means business. For a lawyer or anyone who is out for a formal meeting, a briefcase bag is what you need for your added charm and class.

Briefcases Hong Kong: For all your formal needs

Believe it or not, briefcase was originally created for the legal firm. It even got its name from its purpose as a carrying case for attorneys’ legal documents. But today, a briefcase can be used for more than just that; it can be used to carry laptops, books, and depending on the appearance of the bag, it can even be used for a lunch date. Briefcases are a must have accessory in an office worker’s or a lawyer’s wardrobe as it add class and polish to a work ensemble and instantly upgrades your wardrobe to a whole new professional level. In the market today, briefcases are available in hard-sided cases and soft-sided versions. At iprice, you can find your bag from brands like Filio, Mandarina Duck, Prada, Samsonite Red, Tumi and more.

Briefcases Malaysia: Designed for both the ladies and the gents

Briefcases are a unisex accessory, but many women choose to have more cases to coordinate with their style of the day. (Woman can never have too many bags right?) Thought both men and women briefcases need to be large enough to carry all their necessary documents and important papers that their busy day would demand, a woman’s bag would usually have a smaller appearance then those that the man carry. Here are some characteristics that would differentiate a man’s briefcase and a woman’s briefcase.

Men’s Briefcase: Way bulkier in their overall appearance and their fittings, and usually available in only limited colour palettes. Men’s briefcases features thicker, heavier handles and very few external details. Since hard-sided cases are typically carried around by men, most hard-sided briefcases are styled with to suit the masculine fashion.
Women’s Briefcase: Women’s briefcases are designed with more interior pocket to hold small necessities which comes in extra handy when she does not want to carry both her handbag and her briefcase. For the women in the creative industry, be it the world of fashion or arts, they would often opt for bags that are more vibrant and colourful to portray their fun and stylish personality. Common briefcase design would feature slimmer handles, detachable shoulder straps and scaled-down hardware.

Briefcases Hong Kong: How to choose the right briefcase

When you are shopping for a briefcase, make sure to keep an eye on the following workmanship.

Stitching: all stitching should be even, small, straight and without any loose strands. This applies for both the inner and outer section of the bag.
Zipper: Though metal zippers may be on the heavier side, they hold up better than the plastic ones. Look for zippers that are in the best condition, when it’s going up and down.
Material: Full-grain material are the most durable ones in the market. Top-grain is perfect if you are looking for something that is more affordable yet of the same quality.
Hinges: Hinges on hard-sided briefcases are weaker so be sure to check if it is sturdy and free of visible rust.
Handles: Handles should be attached directly on the body of the bag with metal fixtures or secured on with stitching.

A briefcase is an essential piece for anyone who works with loads of documents and paper works that needs to be transported from point A to point B safely. It can also be a style statement, so be sure to find the bag that fits your personality the best.