For regular gym-goers, a gym bag is a necessary tool that allows you to carry your gym equipment, shoes, gym and spare clothes, and everything you need for a decent workout. Check out the best gym bags in Hong Kong or read more about the many types of gym bags.


Different Types of Gym Bags

If you love to hit the gym regularly, then a gym bag would prove vital to your daily or weekly workout. Because of its large storage space, gym bags are great for traveling and backpacking. There are many types of gym bags, each differs in size and shape. Here are several types of gym bags that you should check out.

Tote gym bags

Tote gym bags are types of gym bags that incorporate the tote design. Totes are rectangular bags that have short carrying straps on either side of the bag. This design is popular amongst women for its feminine attributes which are similar to traditional tote bags This type of gym bag can come in different sizes depending on what you need.

Sack Pack

Perhaps the smallest of all the gym bags, a sack pack is a type of backpack which is smaller with drawstrings that also serves as the back straps. Sack packs are easy to carry but may have small to medium storage. Sack packs are great for carrying shoes for a basketball game or some spare clothes but it can't carry a lot due to its small size.


If you want a gym bag that's easy to carry and can hold a number of items, a classic backpack would surely suit your needs. Backpacks are multipurpose bags that has two back straps that allow you to carry your items conveniently. This type of bag also has a number of compartments that enables you to organize your items in and out of your bag.

Classic Duffels

When you think of gym bag, this is the type of bag that you would always think about. Duffel bags are large bags that can fit many items, not just a change of clothes but also gym equipment and other necessities. Duffel bags are also great for travelers because of its storage capacity.

Finding the Right Gym Bag for you

If you are looking for a gym bag, the first thing that you need to determine is how much space you need. Gym bags can range from medium-sized tote bags and backpacks to large duffel bags. If you are carrying a lot of gym essentials or sports equipment, naturally, large bags would suit your needs. If you are looking for a bag that can carry the basics, a medium bag like a sack pack would suffice. Everything in between like style and color is up to you.

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