Not sure how a bag of such a small size can prove to be useful? Find out more about wristlets and how to take care of them here!

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Should You Get A Wristlet in Hong Kong?

Despite its size, a wristlet can be very useful. Usually in a size that’s smaller than a long wallet, a wristlet normally comes with a short strap for you to thread your wrist in – hence, its name. However, many question the usefulness of such a small pouch. It is barely wide enough to fit your phone and definitely impossible to fit your wallet in. So why should you invest in one anyway?

Conveniently Sized

Despite not being able to fit your wallet in, the wristlet’s size is conveniently big enough to be able to fit your phone, some cash and a few cards in. Come the lunch hour on working days, you’ll be able to see most women donning the wristlet on their wrist. Rather than juggling both your wallet and phone in one hand or bringing them out in a handbag, it’s just more convenient to place all your lunch hour essentials in a small pouch.


Snatch theft is a common crime in Hong Kong and as surprising as it sounds, a wristlet actually helps with your safety on the road. By bringing your essentials out in a wristlet instead of your bag, it minimizes your risk of being targeted by snatch thieves. This is because, the wristlet is much smaller than a handbag and this reduces the chance of being spotted and since you’re most likely to hold it in your hand instead of dangling it across your body, it becomes a lot tougher to try snatching the wristlet.

How to Take Care of Your Wristlets?

This is for those who needs a guide on how to take care of your belongings to ensure they remain in their tip top condition. Thankfully, Wristlets are generally low maintenance so, lengthen the lifespan of your bags with these few simple tips!

Leather Wristlets

Generally, leather goods should be stored properly - keep them out of direct sunlight when not in use in a place with good ventilation and low humidity. To achieve this is a humid country like Hong Kong, you can store your bags with silica gel desiccant or a dehumidifier. Apart from that, you can waterproof your leather wristlets with a waterproof spray like Always Dry Waterproof Spray to prevent water spots and stains. When your bags look soiled, clean them with a leather shampoo and top it off with a leather protection and conditioning cream at least twice a year.

Fabric Wristlets

Fabric bags tend to get dirtier faster compared to leather bags. However, fabric bags are much easier to clean – simply chuck them into the washing machine and they’ll come out looking brand new! For fabric bags with leather trimmings, keep them out of direct sunlight and the dryer because direct contact with heat can damage the leather.