Infrared Heating Vibrating Heating Slimming Belt Pain Relief Relax Massager Body Shaper Weight Loss This slimming belt is indispensable for guys and girls who desire for the ripped and hot body shape, suitable for losing weight, burning fat, dispelling wrinkle, massaging body and exercising. Features: -One: Flat your waist and belly. As one third of human body fat accumulate in the waist and abdomen, people easily gain weight and lose shape because of the stubborn fat in waist and abdomen. The slimming belt can resolve precipitated fat to fine particle through powerful shock waves and excrete fat from the body. Meantime, it can accelerate human body blood circulation, dredging the meridian and enhance metabolism for losing weight. -Two: Broken body fat. Vibrate your body with the slimming belt as you need, and circular massage with beat method. Vibrator can release powerful shock waves to activate the lymphatic system of your whole body. Rapid permeability and quick exhaust fat to break the aliphatic chain and resolve the cellulite of your waist and abdomen, then the resolved half solid fat will turn into liquid and be resolved to glycerin/nucleotide and molecularity by lymph gland, finally be expelled through urine and sweat. -Three: Shape your body. It can help you burn redundant body fat rapidly and tight your partial muscles proportionately via powerful shock waves. Shape your body and show your curves easily in 30 days. Description: Item Type: Slimming Belt Charger Input: 100~240Vac 50/60Hz Charger Output: 12V 1A Belt Size: About 15*129cm(W*L) Belt Color: As shown Plug HK$ 321.16

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Slimming Hong Kong

Slimming comes in a diverse set of colors including Silver, Red and Pink.  You can never say no to deals on Slimming for as low as 59% off! If you love Slimming, then you would love their top products including Women Waist Cincher Hot Shaper Body Trainer Slimming Belt Boned Corset Underbust Shapewear Rose and, Women Hot Shaper Lace Waist Cincher Mesh Body Trainer Slimming Belt Boned Corset Underbust Shapewear.  Newfrog, ASO-SLING and Giselle Shapewear have a lot of options when it comes to Slimming. Usually, Slimming in Hong Kong can go from HK$ 18.00 to HK$ 321.00 depending on your budget.  Depending on what you need, you can choose from different Slimming products like Slimming Belts.