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MTG ReFa For Body Microcurrent Massage Roller 1 pc
HK$ 4,312.00

Brand from Japan: Mtg. Reward and comfort your body with a rejuvenating blend of kneading and squeezing. The space between the four rollers is precisely calculated to deliver Spiral Kneading, a new mechanism to comfortably treat all areas of the body from all angles. ReFa for Body is a powerful and unique approach to body care that will enhance the firmness of your skin and the contours of your body. Great for use on the hip, waist and thighs. Rejuvenating Microcurrent: Our bodies naturally carry a low electrical current that helps regulate circulation and contributes to skin's overall healthy appearance. As we age, the skin's natural current is diminished causing skin to lose some of its luster and glow. The ReFa is designed to help recharge your skin. Applying the ReFa to your face or body allows these microcurrent to transfer to your skin and help stimulate circulation. Using your ReFa daily can help improve skin's tone, firmness, elasticity, and give you an overall more youthful, refreshed glow. The Beauty of Solar Energy: ReFa's microcurrent are produced entirely from solar energy. So you can take your ReFa with you anywhere and never have to replace batteries or plug in to charge. The small solar panel located on the top of the roller handle absorbs sunlight or indoor light and converts it into a low level current that is emitted through the rollers to your beautiful skin. Professional Aesthetician's Massage: ReFa's three-dimensional design was developed to replicate the same feelings you might experience getting a massage or special treatment in a spa or Aesthetician's office. The rollers work together to carefully massage skin while the handle allows you to control pressure. With the ReFa you can enjoy this type of treatment in the comfort of your own home or wherever you might find yourself needing to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate your skin. Rolling Technique: Move the rollers gently along the contours of your face and body. You can adjust the pressure by pivoting the handle up and down. Recommend rolling your ReFa Carat several times in the same direction over one section of your body, then roll in the opposite direction. When applying to your upper body, you should first roll up, then down. For your lower body, first roll down, then up. Sink Care that Lasts: The ReFa was designed with you in mind. Not only does it feel wonderful and produce excellent results, it's made to last. In fact, the entire surface of the rollers is platinum coated to be both acid and heat resistant and protect your delicate skin. And it's completely waterproof so you can add a relaxing ReFa treatment to make your shower or bath a truly spa-like experience. Microcurrent: ReFa For Body generates fine microcurrent by taking in light from the two solar

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