Cute and simple, you can’t help but fall in love with Korean beauty products. During those days where you just want your makeup to be natural, choose Beauty People Malaysia with their extensive array of Korean cosmetics to choose from. Check out our selection of Beauty People cosmetics below or read more about the brand here.

BEAUTY PEOPLE Makeup Products

Beauty People Hong Kong- the Standard of Korean Cosmetics

Have you ever wanted to look like your favorite KPOP idols? Now you can with Beauty People’s exciting collection of Korean cosmetics. Beauty People has you covered from foundations, lips, highlighters, pigments, eyeliners, mascara, lip tints, and so much more! The brand’s premium formulation, and high concentration of pigments that would provide enough coverage yet highlight your natural features.

About Beauty People Hong Kong

Talking about the biggest Korean brands today, Beauty People Hong Kong has a selection of products from makeup removers, foundation, eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, eyeshadows, primers, mascara and so much more. “The confidence of experts, Beauty People cosmetics”, the brand yearns for perfection on all their products with the help of professional makeup artists and dermatologists, creating the most amazing formulas not only for coverage but also promotes healthy skin. Beauty people is for everyone who wishes for perfectly flawless skin!

Beauty People cosmetic products

Like most Korean cosmetic brands, Beauty People takes much consideration on the formula of all their products. This ensures easy application, longer wear, and promotes healthier skin. Most Beauty People products are infused with naturally-derived essential oils and extract that nourishes your skin under all that makeup. Here are some products that you should check out from Beauty People Hong Kong:

The Korean makeup routine with Beauty People

Compared to Western or American style of makeup, Korean makeup looks more natural, using significantly less products. Some techniques like contouring, baking, winged eyeliner, and arched brows are not applied in the routine, however, feel free to mix it up according to your preference; after all, there is no right way of doing makeup. As long as you feel good about it, then you are doing it right. Here is a step by step guide on how to achieve that sleek Korean makeup look:

Prime and moisturize

When doing your makeup, you should never forget to prime and moisturize your face to keep your skin from dehydrating underneath your makeup and to make it last longer. You can choose any type of moisturizer you want and for primer, you can use Beauty People Bbosong Matte primer.


The next step is to apply foundation evenly across your face using a beauty blender or a big fluffy brush. When it comes to foundations, Koreans prefer a sheen finish to give that moist, well-hydrated look. Remember to always use a shade that suits your skin tone; you can use Beauty People Absolute Cover fit foundation with SPF 50 for premium sunlight protection. Apply this using a Beauty People angled foundation brush.


Compared to western makeup trends, Korean makeup keeps the cheek simple with minimum contour and highlight for that innocent, natural look. Using the right type of blush however, is key to enhance your cheeks. Sheer blushes ranging from pink to nude are popular amongst Korean women.

Eyes and eyebrows

The most important part of any Korean makeup routine are the eyes. Compared to its Western counterparts however, the eyes are not caked with eyeshadow, liners, and other products. Korean makeup is subtle, natural, and highlights your features instead of changing them. For the brows, it is kept straight and thick using a brow pencil or tints like the Beauty People Capsule Powder Multi Eyebrow Tint. When it comes to eyeshadow nude, natural, and champagne colors are used minimally with a hint of shimmer on the inner corner of the eye and the lower lid to highlight the aegyosal or the small layer of fat underneath the eyes. To further define your eyes, a thin eyeliner is used but instead of having a dramatic winged liner, the tip is pointed downwards, giving you an innocent, puppy-dog face. To cap off the look, you can put on mascara like the Beauty People Bubble Gum Long Lash mascara or a pair of natural faux lashes.


In contrast to the lips that you commonly see on Instagram that features bold, big, and dramatic colors, Korean makeup lips are much simpler and cuter. Lip tints like the Beauty People Bouncy Oil Gel lip tints are extremely popular, providing that natural ombre look for the lips. However, bold lip colors are also gaining traction in Korea but compared to the West, these colors are still pretty subtle, cute, and natural.

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Beauty People Hong Kong is the best way to kick off your makeup collection. Their products are affordable, good quality with premium formulation that helps keep your skin hydrated and nourished. With Beauty People cosmetics, you can look flawless like your KPOP Idols. Shop for the hottest Beauty People products here at iprice!