Shopping for beauty products is never easy and there can be times when the makeup just doesn’t agree with one’s skin or the surrounding weather. If you are looking for beauty products that would last long (especially in humid weather), then BeautyMaker is the perfect brand for you! Click here to learn more about the brand.


BeautyMaker Hong Kong: Made for Asian Skin and Weather

BeautyMaker Hong Kong: From an Artist's Dream

Originating from Taiwan, BeautyMaker is not like any affordable beauty brand that you can buy off counters in pharmacies. BeautyMaker is the brainchild of Taiwan makeup artist, Kevin 'Lao Shi' Chou. You may be wondering, “So who is this Kevin Chou? What makes him so famous?” Before you look down on him, it would be best to know that Kevin has been a makeup artist for world-renowned Asian superstars like Zhang Ziyi and Maggie Q. So don't go looking down on him just yet.

While Kevin worked as a makeup artist for Asian celebrities, he discovered that cosmetics from Western brands did not quite cut it for Asian skin. He felt that he could not sufficiently bring out the Asian beauty that was hidden within and decided that it was time for him to find a brand that would enhance the natural beauty of Asian women, while also being able to withstand the humidity that most Asian countries would face. And that was how BeautyMaker was born.

BeautyMaker Hong Kong: Tested by the Most Discerning Customer

The way BeautyMaker's products are tested and created is very different from most other cosmetics brands. Its products maybe be affordable but the quality of its products is as good as other more prestigious brands. This is because its founder plays an active role when it comes to quality control and product testing. Rather than leaving it to customer feedback in order to improve a product, BeautyMaker's founder would test any new products on his own skin and enhance the product accordingly as he believes in providing only the best for the consumers.

BeautyMaker provides a wide array of beauty products that range from foundations and primers to lipsticks and sunscreen protection. We have chosen a few BeautyMaker products that we feel would be of interest to you:

  • BeautyMaker Matte Cushion: Sick of that oily shine that appears on your face just hours after applying your makeup? Then use this matte cushion foundation from BeautyMaker that is guaranteed to keep the shine away and ensure that your makeup will last all day! The foundation is special formulated to not only absorb shin and control excess oil, but to also minimize the appearance of pores for a smooth, fresh finish.
  • BeautyMaker BB Concealer Stick for Eye & Lip: Now that dream of having perfect flawless skin may not be a very distant dream after all! This BB concealer stick is perfect for hiding blotches, lines, wrinkles and any other imperfections! It will cover up those dark circles under your eyes as well as any other signs of fatigue, leaving your skin looking brighter and more radiant!
  • BeautyMaker Super Big Eyes Volume Mascara: Looking for mascara that would add a dramatic effect to your eyes and will last all day? Then this mascara would be the perfect one for you! The mascara is specially formulated to be waterproof, budge-proof, sweat-proof and oil-resistant! Say goodbye to any clumping or flaking problems that you have frequently faced with most mascara as this BeautyMaker mascara will definitely not be problematic and is in fact easy to apply!
  • BeautyMaker Creamy Lip Crayon: Give your lips a pop of colour with this lip crayon from BeautyMaker! It is available in 5 sweet colours that will appeal to many women. The lip crayon is rich in shea butter and argania kernel oil that will keep your lips nicely moisturized.
  • BeautyMaker Perfect Hydrating Primer: The secret to long-lasting makeup is of course a good primer. Finding a good primer is never easy which is why we feel that BeautyMaker’s Perfect Hydrating Primer may be the primer that you are looking for. The primer not only conceals large pores but also keeps your skin moisturized to ensure that your makeup would no longer look dry and cakey. Other than that, the primer is also formulated to nourish and brighten your skin while ensuring that your overall makeup look would last all day.

BeautyMaker Hong Kong: Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful

Enhance your natural beauty with these awesome beauty products from BeautyMaker. The brand’s products may be affordable, but the quality of the products is as good as many other premium beauty brands. If you can’t find what you need from BeautyMaker, then have a look at the products from the other beauty brands that we have to offer: